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The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervisory Committee notified 5 typical cases of psychological issues that violate the eight central regulations
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Mid -Autumn Festival、National Day holiday is coming,To deepen the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee,Highlighting warning education,Create a strict atmosphere,Five recent investigations and punishments report the typical cases of psychological issues in violation of the eight central regulations.。

M88 appFrom February 2013 to March 2022,Chu Jinfeng is the director of the Weinan Development and Reform Commission,Mayor of Korean City、During the Municipal Party Secretary,m88 casino reviewAdopt a private business owner、Management service objects and other 30 gifts given,Total 1.8135 million yuan。Being the Mayor of Han City、During the Municipal Party Secretary,A batch of projects led by Chu Jinfeng's decision -making and implementation of a batch of procedures for approval、No construction license、illegal issues without land procedures,Form huge debt,Treating the government's hidden debt credit risk。Chu Jinfeng still exists in other serious disciplinary violations,Fleerated party members、Fleeing public office,Get the income of disciplinary violations,Suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorate to review and prosecute in accordance with the law。

2. The former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi'an University of Health University、Principal Li Xiaolian received gifts for gifts,acceptance of banquets that may affect fair execution of official duties and other issues。2013 to 2021,Li Xiaolian is the deputy director of the Provincial Department of Environmental Protection、During the president of Xi'an University of Health University,Use job convenience,Calligraphy and calligraphy works sent by others illegally、Shopping card and other gifts,A total of 2.422 million yuan in receiving gifts。2011 to 2013,Li Xiaolian has accepted a banquet arranged by the general manager of an Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd. at the hotel 3 times。Li Xiaolian still exists in other serious disciplinary violations,Fleerated party members、Fleeing public office,Get the income of disciplinary violations,Suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorate to review and prosecute in accordance with the law。

3. Provincial former party committee secretary of Hanjiwei Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.、Chairman Du Xiaozhou's illegal acceptance of gift gifts and other problems。2013 to 2022,Du Xiaozhou is serving as the general manager of the provincial promotion of Hanji Wei、Executive Director、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Party Committee、Chairman and other positions,Receives m88 casinothe property sent by 16 management objects,Total 1.381 million yuan。Du Xiaozhou still exists in other serious disciplinary violations,Fleerated party members,Cancel the treatment of its enjoyment in accordance with regulations,Get the income of disciplinary violations,Suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorate to review and prosecute in accordance with the law。

4. Xu Guoqiang, a full -time deputy secretary of the party committee of the Hanzhong Public Security Bureau, accepted gifts in violation of regulations,Accepting banquets that may affect fair execution of official duties,Borrowing the vehicle of the management service object vehicle and other problems。2013 to 2019,Xu Guoqiang is a member of the Party Committee of the Hanzhong Public Security Bureau、Deputy Director、full -time deputy secretary and other positions,He has received the New Year Gifts from Zhang Mou, the chairman of an investment group Co., Ltd.,Total 30,000 yuan; banquets arranged by management objects,Promise to coordinate to do things for them。2016 to 2019,Xu Guoqiang borrows a business car with management service objects,For long -term use。Xu Guoqiang still exists in other disciplinary violations,Freditated party members、Government affairs removal punishment,Settle to a first -level science member,Get the income of violations of discipline and discipline。

5. Li Linqiang, a cadre of the Real Estate Registration Center of Yulin City, accepted a banquet that may affect the execution of fair execution、Driving motor vehicle problem after wine。2022 to 2023,Li Linqiang has accepted the management service target a real estate representative of a real estate Co., Ltd.。On the evening of May 20, 2023,Li Linqiang accepts Huang's banquet,Driving a motor vehicle accident after drinking,The identification belongs to the driving driving。June 2023,Li Linqiang was punished by government affairs。

The above 5 cases,Some use their job influence for a long time to collect gifts;,Back to the local development back to the heavy debt burden; some long -term illegal acceptance of the private enterprise main banquet;,It reflects the high -pressure situation of a minority party and cadres in the construction of the party's central and provincial party committees,Still luck、Unknown convergence,Repeated trample on the M88 appauthority and bottom line of discipline and law,It must be punished seriously。

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Formulate and implement the eight regulations of the Central Committee,It is our party's move in the new era,Must be unremitting、For a long time,until it really turns into customs,Leading social style with excellent party style。Party organizations at all levels must resolutely carry out political responsibility for construction,Improve the cadre style ability to improve the annual activity as the starting point,Hard hand、Real moves solve the stubbornness of the units in the region,Especially the "leaders" and team members at all levels must be strictly disciplined,Reloys the strict attitude、Strict standards stand up、Strict discipline is implemented,Building the Eight Dams of the Central Committee with a thorough self -revolutionary spirit。Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels must always maintain a firm soberness that will always be built on the road,Treatment of the "Four Winds" situation as a test theme education、Education's important ruler of the effectiveness of the work of rectification,Resolutely overcome Song Jin's rest、Fatigue War,Perseverance of strict tone、Strict measures、Strict atmosphere,zero tolerance for violating the eight regulations of the central government,Regardless of job level,Who will deal with it seriously if you violate the regulations,Pay close attention to "key minority",Serious investigation and punishment for political performance、Image engineering and statistical data fraud、Extra the burden of the grassroots level、bureaucracy,Resolutely correct illegal food and drink、Gift gifts for illegal regulations、Allowance subsidies such as illegal regulations、Dismuring violations of discipline,Constantly strengthen warning deterrence,Resolutely win the fight against work style、Slayer Battle、Position Battle。

During the festival is the problem of vulnerable to invisible "four winds" problem,Pay attention to the hidden place to receive a banquet、illegation M88 loginand delivery of high -end moon cakes and tobacco and alcohol、Outstanding problems such as party members and cadres and public officials drunk drunk and drunk,Deeply digging the interests behind the interests、Power and money trading behavior,Release is full and strict、One strict to the end、The stronger the strong signal in the backward。Resolutely correction and do not take the inaction、Active service consciousness is not strong、Low administrative efficiency and other issues that are not responsible for duties,Guide the majority of party members to act as、Entrepreneurship,Provide a strong guarantee guarantee for the new chapter of Shaanxi, which is struggling to compose Chinese -style modern construction。

Source: Shaanxi Discipline Inspection and Supervision