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Mid -Autumn Festival、National Day holiday is coming,In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the eight regulations of the central government,Further strict discipline m88 casinorules,Strengthen warning education,16305_16335。 

M88 game2013 to 2022,Shen Xiaojun received 51 gifts、Gifts totaling 16.3472 million yuan。Shen Xiaojun still exists in other serious disciplinary violations,Freditated party members、Flete public office,Suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorate to review and prosecute in accordance with the law。  

16666_16688、Gifts,Accepting travel arrangements that may affect fair execution of official duties。From the second half of 2013 to October 2021,Zhao Gang has received gifts from management and service objects.、16892_16922。Zhao Gang still exists in other serious disciplinary violations,Freditated party punishment,Suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorate to review and prosecute in accordance with the law。

Shaanxi Traffic Control Highway Materials Co., Ltd.、17056_17084。November 2022,17062_17085,The cost of the owner of the private enterprise is 3047 yuan。Zhang Guoping still exists in other violations of discipline and law,Affected by the party inspection and punishment、Disposal treatment。

17364_17394、Gift Questions。2016 to 2019,Wang Shijie has repeatedly in the Spring Festival、17419_17448,Gifts of management objects 20,000 yuan。Wang Shijie still exists in other disciplinary problems,m88 casino reviewDirect warning within the party、Disposal punishment。

The former Party Secretary of the Shaanxi Land and Mine Comprehensive Geological Brigade Co., Ltd.、Executive Director Anlin illegal official reception issues。November 2020,Shaanxi Land Mine Comprehensive Geological Brigade Receives Foreign Units to inspect and communicate,Approved by Anlin,Arrange Super Standards、over -range business banquet,Alcohol during lunch。Anlin was warned by the party、Government warning punishment。

The above 5 cases,Reflect that the "four winds" of the provincial state -owned asset system are still stubborn and complicated,Disciplinary violations occur,There are still a few leading cadres who do it,Do not converge or do it,Eat and drink illegal public funds、Gift gifts for illegal regulations、Accepting travel that may affect fair execution of official duties、Entertainment activities,Flower refurbishment "Four Winds",These behaviors damage the image of state -owned enterprises,Correspondence of cadres in the provincial state -owned asset system,Cause adverse effects。The majority of party members and cadres must be considered to be abstained,省,Continuously enhance the concept of party spirit,Strictly abide by the spirit of the eight regulations of the central government,Constantly strengthening M88 loginthe style of building a dam。

18011_18032,Released style construction only time,a strong signal when not completed。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Formulate and implement the eight regulations of the central government,It is the move of our party in the new era,Must be unremitting、For a long time,until it really turns the customs,Leading social style with excellent party style。Party organizations at all levels must resolutely carry the main responsibility of building style construction,The new wind and theme education of the "Four Winds" tree will be corrected、Cadre style ability improvement annual activities combined,Always use eight central regulations as long -term effective iron、Hard bar,Perseverance、Continuous force,Hurry up and grasp the results。18322_18349,Parent to the middle、Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Arrangement,Careful performance of supervision special responsibilities,Pay close attention to "key minority",Dencing and cure the system of this unit's prominent problems,Fighting the wind and luxuriousness of the pleasure; insist on wind rot and check,Deep dig into the problem of corruption behind it; increase the exposure strength,Educate people around you with things around,Education guides the majority of party M88 loginmembers and cadres to know and awe、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line; strengthen collaboration and cooperation,Strengthen and audit、Inspection and other departments to communicate contact,Delivery information sharing、Measures cooperation and clue transfer,Forms a strong working force,Promote the construction of the style of the provincial state -owned assets system to achieve practical results,Ensuring the healthy development of state -owned enterprises and state -owned enterprises。