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There are flowers in the three seasons,Four M88 gameSeasons Evergreen,This is a vivid annotation of greening in northern Shaanxi Mining Company。The company's efforts to realize the ecological dream of "no coal production" and "black mountain turn green space",A green mountains and green mountains are accompanied by each other、Blue Sky and White Cloud and Modern Mine Beauty Scroll,Expand it slowly here ...


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A good landscape,Full of eyes cover green。Northern Shaanxi Mining Company,Take the promotion of green mine construction as the "lifeline" project,Put "green new outfit" for the mining area。

Coal dust flying、The roar of the machine,This is people's inherent impression of coal mines。But the mine in northern Shaanxi mining shows another scene。Lianqin camphor pine、Shanbai and other species in the mine,Swaying on both sides of the roads on the road of the mining area,The wind blows lightly,Flowance of flowers。

Mine is in green、Road in the forest、People are in painting,This beautiful picture benefits from the unremitting efforts of the continuous expansion of green development space in northern Shaanxi Mining Company。Hanjiawan's coal mining sedimentation area,Plant 62,000 camphor pine; in Hanjiawan High -tech Agricultural Demonstration Park,5,000 plants in planting sea red fruits,640,000 plants planting sandburies,Added 200 acres of greening area ... In the "Ecological Demonstration Park" of Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company,Green rushing to face,Make people shine。

Not only that,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company M88 gamecoordinated "Ecology、Production、Life "three major spaces,Normalization to beautify the environment of the mining area、Lighting,For the green belt of roads in the mining area、Vegetations such as living areas and other key parts to replenish、Optimization,High Towering Tree、Evergreen Joe Mu、Low grass flowers,Like the "back garden" of employees。


"Governance" ore, the ecology is more beautiful

Fellsmaking Aoyama,Fang De Jinshan。Northern Shaanxi Mining Company insists on clean production and end governance,Really "mining、side governance ",Promote the coordinated development of "black coal" and "green ecology"。

In terms of dust governance,Implementing coal production、Construction construction、Road Transport、Material stacking anti -dust measures,Construct "full coverage、Management、Responsibility full chain "dust prevention and control system; in -depth promotion of water pollution prevention and control,Implementing the use of Hanjiawan desulfurization and denitration wastewater、Comprehensive utilization projects such as dry water and domestic sewage,Construction of a direct filter system in the undercuts of Longhua Mine Well, etc.。

In addition,Strengthen the prevention and control of solid waste pollution,Implementing Hanjiawan's original row of temporary land reclamation greening project、Longhua coal gulcation land filling project platform slope governance project,Make sure that the reunion of the paddling field reaches 100%; strict hazardous waste produces、Collecting M88 loginlink control,"Turning Waste into Treasure" increases the recovery rate;,Ensure that the divesty soil is legally stacked,Recycling rate reaches 100%。

Tianlan、Green、Water net,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company will protect the geological environment of the mine、Simultaneous development of governance and production,Create green、Low carbon、Environmental protection ecological mine。


"Smart" mineral manufacturing, technology true "hard core"

If the external beauty is pleasing to the eye,So use scientific and technological innovation to support the construction of green mines,is the guarantee of high -quality development of mine。Northern Shaanxi Mining Company takes intelligence as a base,Constantly explore the promotion of green development model。

Picking in coal、Yun、During the whole process,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company uses the Internet of Things、Cloud computing、Artificial intelligence and other new technologies,Development of intelligent environmental protection management platform,Smart dust reduction system、Energy consumption online monitoring platform and other management functions,Realize ecological environmental protection data sharing、Business collaboration。

Technology innovation energy saving carbon reduction,It is an important path for strengthening the construction of green mines in northern Shaanxi Mining Company。The company actively promotes intelligent green mining,Carry out the entire production process of energy saving、Water saving、Materials、Discovering、Carbon reduction M88 gameand other systemic clean production transformation,True realization of the environmental ecology of the mining area、Resource utilization efficiency、Resource utilization efficiency、Standardized enterprise management。

Northern Shaanxi mining continues to make efforts on the road of green development,Mechanized for "mechanization、Automation reduction、Intelligent Unmanned "as an important support for high -quality development,Shenfei Science and Technology Innovation Wo Tu,Make sure that the "towering trees" are built with green mines to always live and vitality。(Yang Nan)