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m88 casinoThe company held the second special seminar for the party committee theoretical learning center group
Release time: 2024-04-29 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Yang Heqiang & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1944    Share to:

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April 28,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company held a second special seminar for the party committee theoretical learning center group。Members of the Company Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group participated in the meeting,All departments of the organs、Some grassroots units are mainly responsible for comrades to attend meetings。

The conference focused on the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China" (Article 1-27)、The State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection publicly reports eight typical problems of eating and drinking illegally、The spirit of the Minister of United Front Minister of the province、General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on "new quality productivity" and other content,and notified the company's 2023 party committee theoretical learning center group。Relevant personnel around the profound logic contained in "comprehensively understanding and grasping the new quality productivity ',Deepen scientific and technological innovation,Optimized production factor configuration,Improving Intelligence levels "conducted in -depth exchanges and discussions。

The meeting pointed out,Proposal of new productivity,It is both the development of Marxist productivity theory,further enriched Xi Jinping'm88 casinos economic thought,This not only reflects the sublimation of the Chinese Communists on the laws of productivity development,It also refined new propositions for the innovation and development of the Chinese economy in the new era and new journey。

Meeting requirements,For the development of new quality productive forces, we must achieve the "four forces"。First, the cultivation of skill talents,To implement the strategy of strong talents,Further activation amount、Optimized increase,Promote talent reserve、Selected、Cultivate a full shift to speed up,At the same time, increase intelligence、The introduction of professional talents such as ecological and environmental protection,Optimize "Competitive Promotion" and "Famous Teachers with Gao Di" mode,Coordinated Promoting Professional and Technical Talent Construction,Effectively create high -precision skill talents。Second is the innovation conversion of science and technology,Follow the principle of "practical+cutting -edge",Focusing on solving the technical "card neck" problem that restricts the development of the enterprise,Promote the implementation of major scientific research projects through "Unveil the List",Application "Four New" Technology,Implement "Implementing a scientific research project、Solve a technical problem、Cultivate a group of technical talents ",Comprehensively improve M88 gamethe contribution and conversion rate of scientific and technological innovation。Third is the intensive and intellectual transformation acceleration,To accelerate the promotion of smart ore、Construction of Smart Mining Area,Take the "Monthly Review + Season Test" mode,Focus on the normalization operation management of intelligent systems,Continuously improve the level of intelligent construction。Fourth is to focus on the cultivation of the spirit of innovation,To actively cultivate the awareness of innovation and innovation of cadres and employees,Stimulate their creative thinking,Provide certain innovative incentives and sufficient innovation space,Encourage bold innovation、Bold creation,Respect "the first spirit",Better "three mechanisms",Create a good innovation and creative atmosphere。

Conference emphasized,It is necessary to follow the requirements of the company's "Implementation Plan for Party Discipline and Education",Carry out related learning,Multi -channel reprinting and broadcast authoritative media's interpretation articles and public classes for the Regulations,Further strengthen discipline consciousness、Strengthen self -constraint、Improve immunity。It is necessary to closely combine the development,Together with the "Three Years" activities and grasp compliance management、Tightly combined with key tasks such as cost m88 casino reviewmanagement,Tightly surrounding the "18765" development goals around Shaanxi Coal Group,Tightly fastened "Five New Breakthroughs" and "Seven Comprehensive Deepening" work deployment,Successful high quality completes various work goals and tasks in 2024。(Yang Heqiang)