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Hanjiawan Coal Company: Gathering the "Spring Flowing Picture"
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Since this year,Hanjiawan Coal Company is closely combined with the status of mining mining,In -depth optimization of the production layout。


The company has strengthened the monitoring and management of the production process,Make sure that there is no dead end in safe production,Realized safe and efficient operation of mining production。High -quality completion of the design of 214205 working surface,Optimize the coal column around the noodles to 15 meters,Effectively improved the utilization rate of coal resources。This measure increases the single -sided recoverable reserves of 30,000 tons。

In terms of production continuation of the mine,Hanjiawan Coal Company successfully completed the reign of the 213110 working face and the first place of preliminary release of M88 gamethe 223101 working surface,It ensures the normal progress of the continuation of the production of mine。Pay attention to disaster governance work,Strengthen the observation and analysis of the water volume of the 223101 working surface,Settled the prevention and control measures and supervise the implementation。Actively promote the disaster treatment project of 214204 working surface,Through scientific planning and careful organization,Make sure the efficient implementation of the governance project。

To further improve the quality and market competitiveness of coal products,Hanjiawan Coal Company combined with production actual production,Formulated "The Mass Works of Coal Quality in 2024"。This plan clarifies the responsibility goal,Quantitative assessment indicators,It provides a strong guarantee for the quality management of coal。

During the production process,The company has strengthened the top board management of the mining work surface,resolutely eliminated large pieces of vermiculite entering the coal flow system,Effectively guarantee the purity of coal products。Strengthening the management of raw coal transportation system,M88 gameIt is strictly forbidden to rinse the belt with water,Prevent coal quality from increasing water content。

In addition,The company also strengthened the selection standard,Adjust the sieve particles in time according to the change of the coal quality、Speed ​​density、Production parameters such as coal selection process,Ensure that the quality of the product and the recovery rate of refined coal after washing。These measures not only enhance the market competitiveness of coal products,It also injected new vitality into the company's sustainable development。

In terms of equipment management,Implement the management regulations of the entire life cycle of the equipment,Perfect equipment management、operation and maintenance and fault knowledge base,Correct the digital foundation of equipment management。Promote the application of equipment data and improve equipment management level,The company effectively guarantees the integrity and power of the equipment,provides a strong guarantee for the smooth production。(Gao Qi, an information technology operation and maintenance branch)