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Zhu Yadong —— "Endriends a new journey, pay tribute to the coal mine"
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"There is no difficulty in the world".

Qin,It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation。For thousands of years,Chinese children created countless wealth with their hands,Create a beautiful life,Create this prosperous country。

Today,Our coal miners in the new era are tireless to learn,Diligent and work hard,​​This is changing here,The tide of the tide of the era of the era of retreat,In this wind, the wind rushes,The unpredictable international situation is fighting first。In the wave of the new era,Each coal mine worker is working hard,Courageous Innovation,Constantly improving the level of technical skills,For the country's energy security、Energy reserves make an indelible contribution。

The flowers in May are covered with the entire Gobi,It seems to praise every unknown coal mineman。

There is such a group of people,They take root in coal sea when they are youth,Dark in the dark but chasing the light,Accompany the deserted mining area,Gobi Beach witnessed their growth,I also saw a piece of "black bumps" by them to be collected and transported to all directions,They are the unknown coal miners。Thousands of coal mines M88 gameto perform talents in their respective positions,Through honest labor,Diligence work,Writing extraordinary。

"Why come here, regret it?"

Questions that old employees are often asked。Without exception,The answers given by everyone are: "We gather here,For a common goal -Energy Dream,Dream of Powerful Power。”

Every coal mine is proud when talking about their own work,my country's energy security is inseparable from each coal mine。Everyone can do everything that can dedicate everything to the country,Everyone sprinkle the best time in life in this land,The "Western Power East Transmission" project is the most grand praise of the coal miners to the motherland。Self -improvement coal miners are the backbone of the Republic,They support national development,Looking forward to the prosperity of the country,In the underground under the dark,Coal miners have no complaints,Because they know,Only in this way can China go at the forefront of the times,Only this,can China worry about not being energy for energy,This is the feelings of the older generation of coal miners,It is also the belief of the older generation of coal miners。

A long march of a generation,A generation has a generation of beliefs。The passing of time,Years like a knife,Deep trace on the face of the older generation of coal miners,They completed the greatest praise in m88 casino reviewthe history of life with youth。Now,It is the time when the time is relayed,The new generation of coal miners are ready to go,Keep moving towards the goal of the new era。

The new generation of generations from the hands of the predecessors is no longer a mining area that was once deserted and unmanned,Stretching the ore with a five -finger,but green mountains and green water,Bright Wisdom Mining Area,Intelligent ore。New generation coal miners enter the mining area,The traditional black coal kiln impression is instantly subverted,Intelligent ore construction is in full swing,The entire mining area presents a prosperous scene。

High intelligence makes our new generation of coal miners work easier,More efficient,The technical and experience inherited from generation to generation has benefited the new generation。Coal mines are inherited,Inheritance is not just technology and experience,More is a brave head,The spirit of fighting for the first time,Is the benefit of the country and the people,The spirit of dedication of hard struggle。Under the inheritance of this spirit,I believe,The new generation of coal miners will work hard,Beyond the past,Taking the energy cause of the motherland as its responsibility,Taking the energy security of the motherland as the responsibility。

Gong Chong Wei Zhi, karma is wide.

m88 casinoThe new journey has been opened,Time is summoning every coal mine person。So,Let us use dreams as boat,Struggle to do paddle,Welcome to the new journey belonging to the coal miners。(Zhu Yadong, an information technology operation and maintenance branch)