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Northern Shaanxi Mining won awards in the Shaanxi Coal Group News Propaganda Business Competition
Release time: 2024-05-08 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Huang Wei & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1584    14438_14442

16023_16025,Shaanxi Coal Group held "comparison ability、16029_16032、Exhibition Style "News Propaganda Business Competition Final,Participants sent by Northern Shaanxi Mining Company Ye Yang、Guo Hongxin won the good results of the second and third place respectively。

16169_16172,Shaanxi Coal Group News Propaganda Business Competition is divided into two stages: preliminary and finals。15882_15889,The party and government of northern Shaanxi Mining Company attach great importance to,Quickly organize news promotion business backbones。16237_16239,15907_15915、16008_16012,Fully prepared for the knowledge points that may be involved。The preliminary test method is taken in the preliminary round of April 15,15942_15950、16159_16163,shows deep knowledge accumulation M88 loginand business literacy,and stand out from the 88 players from 52 units affiliated to Shaanxi Coal Group,15999_16006,16028_16034。

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16690_16693,The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company formed a work class,Careful strengthening training for two players,Further enhanced the understanding of the two players on the publicity work of the news,Expand their business knowledge。The finals of April 29 are taken on the spot for improvisation and answers,Two players from a professional perspective、16501_16506、16513_16518,Get the unanimous praise from the on -site judges,16484_16491,Outstanding results won the second and third place in the finals,Fully showed the beautiful style of the company's news promotion team。

16624_16630,16631_16637。16599_16607,Can get such honors,It is inseparable from my love and passion for news propaganda work,It is inseparable from the cultivation and guidance of northern Shaanxi Mining Company。will take this M88 logincompetition as an opportunity,Further supplement knowledge weaknesses、16730_16736、16722_16728,Constantly strengthen the ambition to do a good job of publicity and publicity、16793_16798,Promoting news propaganda work to achieve quality upgrade,Efforts to add bricks to promote the company's high -quality development、16920_16924。

17254_17257,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company to do a good job of building a news promotion team,Innovative implementation of the "411" news promotion mode,16899_16905、16931_16937、16901_16908,Continuously cultivating all -media business talents and backbone correspondent teams,In order to do a good job of news promotion in the new situation, "First Resource",16945_16952、17330_17333、17322_17325、17346_17349、The mission task of the exhibition image,Tell the good story of northern Shaanxi mining,Make a good voice of northern Shaanxi mining,Show the good image of northern Shaanxi mining,Create a good public opinion atmosphere for the company to create a high -quality M88 logindevelopment first -class demonstration enterprise。17375_17379