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Northern Shaanxi Mining Co., Ltd. solidly arrange and deploy recent work safety
Release time: 2024-05-11 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Wang Yu & NBSP & Nbsp Views: 1584    Share to:

May 10,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company held a safe (fire) office meeting and the promotion meeting of the safety production and production tackle,Solid arrangement and deploy recent work safety。


Will on the way,Learned the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the "5 · 1" accident of Guangdong Meida Expressway。Drived the Security Committee of the State Council、National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau、Shaanxi Provincial Security Commission Office、Document requirements of Shaanxi Coal Group on the work related to disaster prevention and mitigation。Play three videos such as the sixteenth disaster prevention and minus daily pads in the country,Guide the majority of cadres and employees to adopt the correct way to carry out rescue self -rescue。

Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company、Hanjiawan Coal Company reported the development of the three -year operation of the safety production and control。The Company Safety Supervision and Management Department notified the progress of the three -year operation of the safety production of the safety production,Arrange and deploy the next stage of security、Fire and other work。

Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman、General Manager M88 gameGuo Zuoning analyzed the recent safety production situation,In the first two months of the first half of the year, the work safety work emphasizes: First, strengthen the sense of sorrow,Use system thinking to do a good job of disaster prevention and mitigation。All units should take disaster prevention and reduce publicity week as an opportunity,Organization to carry out comprehensive、Multi -angle、S three -dimensional publicity activities,Risk awareness of increasing the prevention of the majority of cadres and staff disasters、Feelings of worry,Improve all members emergency hedging、​​Self -rescue and mutual ability。To achieve up and down the well、Full System、Effective control of major security risks and hidden dangers in each link,Resolutely prevent various types of disaster accidents,Always put people's safety at the first place。Second is to improve political standing,Promote the actual action to promote the culinary campaign to carry out solidly。Focus on the company's high -quality and safe development,According to "Stability、Yan、fine、fine、Real "work tone,Safety production、Emergency fire protection and project construction,Keep key matter、Key people、Key links to attack。We must pay attention to overall planning,Three -year action and disaster governance of the cure of the basics、M88 loginMajor risk control、Investigation and treatment of hidden dangers of the accident,The hidden dangers are fundamentally rectified。Third is to compact the responsibility of managers at all levels,Permailing the strict tone through the beginning and end of the flood prevention work。To achieve the flood prevention work, "Count in your heart",The main leaders must take the lead in going deep into the front line,Master and solve the difficulty of flood control work in time。Leaders in charge should according to the requirements of the "three tubes and three must" requirements,Regularly organize comprehensive organization、A large investigation of the whole system,Do not leave the blind area without leaving dead corners。The business department must be found in hidden dangers、Risk control control、Question disposal timely,Effectively solve the problem at the time of germination、Before the disaster。

Lei Junhua, deputy general manager of the company, chair the meeting,Pointing out the problems existing in the safety management work from January to April,and Management of Personnel Behavior、Flood Control Safety Management、Fire Safety Management、Investigation of hidden dangers of the accident、Nosa Anjian Ring Management、Emergency Rescue Management、Turbish cure、Smart Security Management、Safety honor declaration、During the M88 loginparty disciplinary study and education, ten aspects of safety management have been arranged and deployed。(Wang Yu)