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Village Story: You can m88 casino reviewenter the hearts of the people when you approach the villagers
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"Fellow,Hello,The body is okay? Is there anything else to help?

Come on for days,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company designated to help Hanyin County Shuanghekou Town Longxian Village resident village resident team solidly carried out home visits,Detailed ask the living conditions of poverty alleviation people,Whether there are difficulties and other questions,Understanding the direction of family breeding,Publicity increase policy,Guide the masses to work hard to get rich,Effectively help the masses to solve the problem of urgency and sorrow,Make the people of the masses get better and better。


During the home visit,Through Lajia often、How to talk about policy,Patience communicating with the masses face -to -face、Hearts and heart communication,Listen to the truth、Touch the truth,Carefully collect the opinions and suggestions of the masses,Detailed understanding of their family situation、Life status、Income source,Enjoy the policy situation and the current difficulties,Help them solve the difficulty and relieve the rescue。At the same time, check the house of the masses、Drinking water,Eat the masses with fire、Whether there is a safety hazard in electricity usage,I told them to enhance the M88 loginsafety awareness,It provides an important reference for the next step。


This year, Longxun Village was selected as the first batch of "Ten Million Project" demonstration villages in Hanyin County。The two committees of the village work team in the village work team are given a living environment to the entrance,normalization of "cleaning、Set neat、Greening、Sticky Silver、Greening、Demolition illegal construction、Remnant、Special Action of Reform ",Efforts to build a livable, livable, and beautiful village。Comprehensively carry out visiting home、Summary of Touching、Analysis and judgment,There are 12 questions in total in total。Decomposition on 12 issues,Several groups (who、Is there anyone in the family、What current situation, etc.),Difficulty,A person in charge arranged in each group。Separate to the household、Call the publicity policy,Bag cadres、Team Leader、The Village Working Team,Participate in the households to carry out the work of the masses,Clean up 5 parts of the broken wall、More than 50 places in three piles of six chaos,More than 100 meters of sewage treatment,Add more than 300 square meters,Hold more than 10 courtyard meetings,Mobilize the masses to sign the "Four Self -Pack" Responsibility Letter,Ensure that the living environment is implemented and implemented。

Kung Fu is not responsible for m88 casino reviewpeople,The initial results of the work of Longxun Village through the work team of the village work team and the village cadres,Government praise from governments at all levels,Shuanghekou Town Government invited the first secretary of the northern Shaanxi Mining Company to send the first secretary of Longxun Village to carry out the "10 million projects" village -level rectification method、Case、Measures,Exchange speeches at all cadres conferences in Shuanghekou Town。

"As the first secretary of the village,I will lead the village team members to continue to visit home visits,Timely publicity and accurate public policies,Fully grasp the village sentiment and public opinion,Do a good job of connecting the heart with the masses,Thinking of the masses,Do what the masses want,Services for private affairs,Timely solve the various urgent and worries of the masses,Contribute to the revitalization of the countryside "。Zhang Hui, the first secretary of the village in Longxun Village。

Visiting condolences deepened the relationship between northern Shaanxi Mining Company and villagers,Pull the distance from each other,Let the masses really feel the party's care and care。Next,The village work team will further enhance responsibility、Implementation of enhanced measures,Increase assistance,normalization of home visits,Promote the help m88 casino reviewof the village assistance work and walk into the hearts of the masses,Efforts to promote the work of rural revitalization to achieve new results。(Zhang Huigang)