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The Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Safety Production Commission supervised and inspected the three -year operation of the safety production of northern Shaanxi mining
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May 14,Shaanxi Provincial Safety Production Commission Office of the Second Supervision Team of the Second Supervision Team of the Second Supervision Team of the Safety Production and Production of the Safety Production Committee of Shaanxi Province and the team at the northern Shaanxi Mining Company,Check the development of the three -year operation of the safety production and guidance of the safety production。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Chairman、General Manager Guo Zuo Ning,Deputy General Manager Ren Yanrong、Lei Junhua,The person in charge of the relevant department of the organs participated in the supervision and inspection report meeting。


Guo Zuo Ning introduced the company's development overview and the overall situation of production safety,and consolidate security basic management、Work measures and results of strengthening safety M88 logincapacity building。He pointed out,According to the province、Shaanxi Coal Group、Unified deployment of Shaanxi Coal Industry Safety Production Treatment Corporation,The company combines the actual situation,Zhou secret deployment、Reinforcement leader、Pay attention to implementation,Promoting the three -year operation of the culinary control of the basics to achieve positive results,Effectively consolidate the safety foundation、Management methods are constantly innovating、The management level has improved significantly。

Lei Junhua has reported in detail the company's 20th measures for the company's three -year operation for safety production。Since this year,The company insists on taking "zero serious injuries" as a safe struggle target,Tightly surrounds the concept of security、The main responsibility、Double prevention、Safety training、Technology Innovation、Safety training、Safety Culture、Team Construction、Project Construction、Fire Safety、Emergency rescue and other aspects to carry out work,Safety production work steadily and orderly advance,Safety production situation remains stable。


Chen Junqiang fully affirmed the effectiveness of the company's safety production work,Requires the spirit m88 casinoof General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the important exposition and instructions of safety production,Decision and deployment according to superiors,Strictly declined with fine production and the work requirements of the three -year operation of the top three years,Go all out to do a good job of safety risk hierarchical management and control and hidden dangers of accidents。Be careful on the target task,Grasp the supervision and feedback issues rectification,Effectively solve the problem fundamentally。To strengthen work measures,High -quality development three -year action,Solid -do publicity and disaster prevention and mitigation publicity and education work,Continuously consolidate the continuous stability of safety production。



After the meeting,The supervision team promoted the company's three -year operation of the company's safety production.、Safety education and training、Investigation and treatment of hidden dangers of the accident、Safety input、Implementation of safety responsibility、Safety data entry and other content conducts supervision and inspection; visited the company's security and cultural room,Understanding the company's "He'an" safety and cultural construction process and connotation,Observing the company'M88 logins dual prevention information system、Security and intelligent guarantee system and information sharing platform。(Ye Yang Liu Gang)