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Northern Shaanxi Mining Company held a party disciplinary study and education promotion meeting
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May 27,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company held a party disciplinary study and education promotion meeting,Comprehensive and in -depth implementation of the central government、Provincial Party Committee and Shaanxi Coal Group Party Committee's deployment requirements on party discipline and education,Further clarify the task,Pressing responsibility,High -quality promoting the orderly development of party discipline learning and education、Go deep and actual。


The conference conveyed the spirit of the speech of the leaders of the Provincial Party Committee on the speech of party discipline and education、A response to the issues related to party discipline learning and education and the spirit of the notice of the superior on preventing and stopping the inappropriate business activities。

The meeting pointed out,Since the group company required party organizations at all levels to launch party discipline learning and education at all levels on April 15th,Party organizations at all levels of the company attach great importance to,Timely holding a party committee meeting research,Formulation plan,Establishment agency,Clear responsibility,Objective requirements and work focus on party discipline learning and education,Learn through the central group of the party committee、Branch "Three Meetings and One Lesson"、Holding a reading class、Special counseling training、Exchange Research、Carry out theme party day activities、Warning M88 logineducation and other forms to learn,The original study is used to do it,Combined with actual learning,Highlighting learning results,Focus on improving quality,Power ring formalism,Company's party discipline learning and education work steadily。

Conference requirements, work next to party discipline learning and education,M88 loginParty organizations at all levels must accurately grasp the significance of carrying out party discipline and education,Always stick to high positioning,Active advance,Layers of work responsibility for work,Accurately grasp the target task,Careful implementation of various measures,Ensure that party discipline learning and education achieves real effect。Keep the key point,Kungly on deepening learning,Effectively promote learning、Promote learning with the case、Promote learning with training。

Second, we need to work again in action.To grasp learning around focus,Comprehensive coverage and grasp,Special class is responsible for grasping supervision。Grasp the "Four Studies",That is the original book、Learn by chapter by chapter,Contact Actual Inspection and Rectification,Warning education to promote learning with cases,Interpretation of training to promote learning。The work class should carefully convey and implement the specific requirements of the promotion of superiors on party discipline learning and education,Through key work inspectors、Daily scheduling、Special supervision and other methods,Strengthen the process guidance and M88 loginsupervision of party discipline learning and education in the company and various units。"Three One" at work,Use a textbook、Talk about a party lesson、Carry out a supervision,Effectively improve the comprehensive results of party discipline learning and education。

Third is to be strict in discipline.Strictly abide by the work specifications of party discipline learning and education,Persist in seeking truth from facts、Seeking truth and pragmatic,Resolutely eliminate formalism、bureaucracy,Resolutely prevent "low -level red" and "advanced black" phenomenon。Get hard on improving quality,Do a good job of party discipline study and education。

Fourth is to deepen the publicity.Timely summarizing the experience and practice of party discipline learning and education,Choose Typical Typical Typical,Strengthening publicity guidance,Use internal and external media platforms,Fully display the work effectiveness and typical experience of the company's work and education and education,Strictly review the check of the manuscripts。

Five is to be implemented in combination.Effectively combine the development of party discipline and education with the implementation of the company's key work,Combined with the tasks of the unit's headquarters。Adhere to "two hands、Two Promotion ",Following the "Enhancement of Management Management"、Safety production、Key work tasks such as party building integration and deepening expansion,Do a good job of combining articles,Promoting results conversion,Effectively promote the company's high -quality development。

The meeting was held in m88 casino reviewthe form of video,Members of the Party Discipline Learning Education Work Leading Group of the Company and Units,The person in charge of the department of the organ (secretary of the party branch)、All staff members of the work class attended the meeting。(Zheng Qinyue)