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Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch: "Dian" Liang Life with French "Dian"
Release time: 2024-05-29 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Hou Lingxue & nbsp & nbsp views: 973    Share to:

May this May is the fourth civilian propaganda month,In order,Cultivation of services according to law、Finding the way in the event of trouble、Usage M88 loginto solve problems、Resolving the rule of law thinking and behavior habits that resolve contradictions,Recent,Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch carried out the "People's Republic of China Code" propaganda activity。

"Hello everyone,I am the Civil Code,I will introduce this encyclopedia that enumerated this all -encompassing book ... "The short civil code public welfare video,Let the employees understand the relevant high -altitude falls、Privacy Protection、Micro -video legal knowledge such as marriage calm period。Make full use of online and offline platforms at the same time,Widely carried out publicity activities for the Civil Code。Online,Through corporate WeChat group,Push the Civil Code related knowledge and law popular videos; offline,Use the company's electronic screen、distributed promotional information, m88 casino reviewetc.,Improve employees' awareness of the Civil Code。

Future,Information Technology Operations and Maintenance Branch will normalize the Civil Code Pug Law,Constantly improving the legal consciousness of employees,Create a good atmosphere of the rule of law propaganda,Let the culture of socialist rule of law deeply root the hearts of people。(Hou Lingxue)