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Grassroots unit "Safety Production Month" activity starts
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May 30,Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company 2024 "Safety Production Month" activity launched,Requires the majority of cadres and employees to deeply understand the significance of safety production,Practice "Safety preconceived everything、higher than everything、Heavy more than everything、Safety concept of overwhelming everything ",Shou'an in the heart、Practice Safety。Strengthen safety management,Unblocked Life Channel,Improve emergency ability,Adhere to high standards、Strict requirements,Active recognition risk、Analysis risk,Timely found various risks、Eliminate various hidden dangers,Be safe with me、Safe in me、Safe relying on me ",Create "I want to be safe、I will be safe、I can be safe "good atmosphere,escort for the company's sustainable and healthy development。

Participants "Everyone talks about safety、Emergency Emergency -Unblocking Life Channel "Theme background solemnly signature,Promise to resolutely implement the company's "Safety Production Month" activity arrangement,Start from me、Start from now,To build safety、Harmony、The sustainable development environment contribute。(Guo Junfeng)

Hanjiawan Coal Company


May 31,Hanjiawan Coal Company held the launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month" event。Around the implementation of the "Safety Production Month" activity arrangement,Company party and government requirements,First, insist on the state of "tight"M88 login,Tree Safety Development Concept。Always standing on politics、Gu's high -level production safety,Pass the security concept of "100-1 = 0" throughout every process and link of work,Can't have a chance and slack mentality at any time。Second is to adhere to the "real" orientation,Efficient promotion task implementation。Based on the 7 major items of 17 small items arranged by the company,Determine requirements as soon as possible、Credit task,Quickly set off a rush of safety activities,Create a strong atmosphere,Efforts to make "everyone talks about safety、Emergency "becomes normal。Third, insist on "hard" measures,Building a safe production defense line。The three -year operation of the "Safety Production Month" activity and the promotion of the top three -year action,Establish and improve the hidden danger of accidents from fundamental elimination、The institutional mechanism that solves the problem fundamentally、Responsible chain and prevention and control system,Eliminate risk hidden dangers to uncomfortable。


At the launching ceremony,I read the "Safety Production Month" activity plan in 2024 ",Arrange 7 major activities of 7 major activities; district team representatives and employee representatives made their statements respectively; participants watched the "Safety Production Monthly Promotional Movie",A safety oath and security signature,Promise will adhere to "two firsts" and "two fundamentals","All members participate、M88 loginStandard running、Elimination of violations "is the main line,Put "strict、Jing、Fine requirements run through all aspects of the entire process of safety production,Unremitting struggle to achieve safety production goals。(Yan Shengxin)

Information Technology Operation and Moving Branch


May 31,Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch held the launch meeting of the 2024 "Safety Production Month" event。I learned the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the "5.1" accident of Guangdong Meida Highway,conveyed the requirements of superior units on production safety documents,Activities for "Safety Production Month" and key tasks of safety production in June。


Meeting requirements,Improve the ideological understanding of the "Safety Production Month" activity,Highlight "everyone talks about safety、Each of them is emergency -unblocked life channel "theme,Take the "Safety Production Month" activity as an opportunity,Improve all staff learning safety knowledge、The ability to master emergency skills,Build a safe defense line。In -depth warning education for production safety accidents、Case analysis、Safety production emergency rescue drill、"Safety Production Month" special education and other activities,Further create everyone understanding safety、A good atmosphere for everyone's security。Highlights,Pay attention to implementation,Carefully Do a good job of hidden danger investigation and m88 casino reviewmanagement and system operation and maintenance work,Give full play to the role of on -site management,Strengthening the implementation of safety technical measures,Comprehensively improve the level of safety management,Promote the continuous stability of the company's safety production situation (Wang Dong)