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Shaanxi Nonferrous Metal Group went to Northern Shaanxi Mining Company to investigate and discuss party building work
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May 31,Guo Shilong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Nonferrous Metal Group, came to northern Shaanxi Mining Company,Research and discussion party building work。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee m88 casino reviewof Northern Shaanxi Mining Company、Chairman of the Trade Union Lin Baozhong,The person in charge of the party and mass department of the organs participated in the investigation symposium。

m88 casino reviewAt the symposium,Participants watched the image promotional video m88 casino reviewof Northern Shaanxi Mining Company and the "one -axis and five -wheel drive" party building fusion brand promotional video。

Lin Baozhong introduced the basic situation m88 casino reviewof Northern Shaanxi Mining Company and brand of party building work、Key work of the key work of party building,Focus on the creation of "one -axis and five -wheel drive" party building integration brand、"1+N" party building integration brand matrix、"118" corporate culture system construction, etc.。


Guo Shilong introduced the development process of Shaanxi Nonferrous Metal Group、The development of party building work, etc.,Give a high evaluation of the creation of party building work brands and corporate culture system m88 casino reviewof Northern Shaanxi Mining Company,means that it will strengthen communication with the company,Promote the continuous improvement of party building work on both sides。

After the meeting,Guo Shilong and his party visited the Cultural Exhibition Hall m88 casino reviewof Northern Shaanxi Mining Company、Schedule Command Center、Employee Bookstore、Party member activity room and other places,In -depth exchanges and discussions on various business work of the party group。



During the period,Guo Shilong and his party came to Hanjiawan Coal Company,Learn about the main idea of ​​the party building work of Hanjiawan Coal Company、Practice experience and characteristic highlights,Observing the staff reading room of Hanjiawan Coal Company、Modeling Innovation Studio、Intelligent Dispatch Command Center and other places,In -depth comprehensive mining team、Compliance team、ventilation maintenance team,Detailed understanding of the standardization and standardization of the party branch of the party branch,Observing the "One Branch, One Brand" review demonstration。(Wang Yu Guo Hongxin)