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Release time: 2024-06-02 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Cui Xu Yang Boyu & nbsp & nbsp Views: 699    Share to:

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In order to conscientiously implement the important idea of ​​General Secretary Jinping on the party's construction,Combined with party discipline learning and education,Focus on the main business of party building work,Effectively do a good job of developing party members to cultivate education,Continue to inject "high -quality blood" for grass -roots party organizations。May 23rd to 25th,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company held 2024 party member development objects and party activist training courses。27 party members' development targets of the company and the units affiliated and participated in the training。

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At the opening ceremony,The person in charge of the party committee of the northern Shaanxi Mining Company made a mobilization speech,Requires all students to improve their understanding,Appreciate the significance。Hold this training course,It is both the requirements of party members' development procedures,It is also an important measure to improve the overall quality of the party member team。m88 casinoRequire students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs,Efforts to enter the party with ideas;,strive to organize the party to enter the party;,Efforts to enter the party in action。At the same time, ask for requirements for trainee training,One must follow discipline,Second, pay attention to methods,Third, strengthen management,Really think about learning、Learning to get something、Learning has the director。

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Special teaching lectures

This training course revolves around Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 20th major spirit of the party、Party Constitution、Party History、Party Knowledge、Party rules, party discipline and other content carefully set up courses,Invite 5 teachers from the Party School of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee to give a special lecture,Help party members to develop objects and profound understanding of the party's purpose,Correctly understand the obligations and rights of party members,Further to the party motivation,Determined beliefs for communism for life。

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Exchange Research

"This training made me deeply appreciate,Being a qualified party member is a long and arduous task,I will work hard,Efforts to this goal。"" Training makes me realize,As a party member's development M88 loginobject, you must be a consciousness of being a good 'screw ",Love Gang dedication、Performing duties due to duties,Services、Dedication society,Constantly improving its own business level。"" "Next step,I will continue to learn from the leaders and comrades around me,Study theory carefully,Armed brain,Promoting work。"in the exchange and discussion link,27 students surround my "early heart to join the party",From the understanding of the party、Why join the party、How to play an exemplary role in work and life in the future, talk about learning experience、Share the beginning of the party、Proposal for Forwarding goals。

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Theoretical test

To further test the learning and training of the development of party members,Training last,The theoretical knowledge test was conducted on the trainees,Test content covers the party constitution and party discipline、Program and requirements for developing party members、The knowledge points of the party's ideological construction in the new era,Comprehensively examined the understanding of the trainees' understanding of training knowledge、Perform and master the situation。

After the training is over,Students have said they have said,will take this training as an opportunity,Further to the party motivation,M88 gameStrengthen political concept,Excessive skills to practice,Transforming learning results into a vivid practice of playing the role of vanguard,Laying a solid ideological foundation for the next step to officially join the Communist Party of China。(Cui Xu Yang Boyu)