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Northern Shaanxi Mining Smart Mining Area moves towards precision and efficient new era
Release time: 2024-06-03 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Zhou Xiaoming Li Rui & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1015    Share to:

In -depth promotion of structural reforms in the supply side of the coal industry,Promote the optimization of corporate structure,Realizing the basic balance of supply and demand and the improvement of the efficiency of the coal industry,Further promote the digital transformation and construction of the coal industry,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company according to Shaanxi Coal Group "Smart Mine、Smart Mining Area、First Enterprise "Development Objective,Around the "16555" high -quality development goals around Shaanxi Coal Group、Shaanxi Coal Industry "111234" annual work deployment,Adhere to the development M88 gameidea of ​​"1116" in northern Shaanxi,Smart ore、Construction of Smart Mining Area。


Northern Shaanxi Mining Smart Mining Area adopt top -level design、Unified standard、Step implementation、Key technical breakthroughs and other methods,Around the mining area、Fortune、object、Production、Supply、Sales、Safety、Organization and other management elements,Real -time data fusion and interaction through the mine industry Internet platform,Implementing mining areas -analysis of the two -level data sharing and fusion of mine,Solve mine、Increasing productivity in the mining area,Breaking "Professional Wall" and "Mine Wall",Construction from "System Intelligence" to "Intelligent Systematic" intelligent、Smart Enterprise、Smart Mining Area Demonstration benchmark。

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The construction of the system perception system through the big data situation in the mining area,Created data from the interconnected characteristics of the mine,Exploring the unified data full life cycle management mode,Data management and application of various mine business centers in vertical support,Horizontal support security、Production、Material、Assets、Project、Business、Sales、Organize 8 -dimensional data fusion and sharing,Data assets with the characteristics of northern Shaanxi mining,Automation for business management、Informatization、Intelligence provides powerful platforms and data guarantees,Data sharing of the mining area -mining two -level business system、Coordinated control and decision support。Perception of the cockpit through the big data situation,Monitor 246 key data indicators,Access 92 business systems,The total number of access data for business circulation between Sun Jiacha Longhua Mine and northern Shaanxi Mining Company is 121.5 billion yuan。The construction of the big data situation perception system in the mining area realizes the data -based business driver and intelligent collaboration,The purpose of accelerating the digital transformation of northern Shaanxi mining companies。


Intelligent safety production in the mining area leads the mining revolution

Relying M88 loginon the mine industry Internet big data platform,Through the construction of an intelligent production and security control system,Open the company and Hanjiawan、The integration of horizontal production data between the Sun Jiacha Longhua Mine and the control of the vertical production process,Realized information interaction fusion in the mining area,The supervision and management of the business process of security inspection and dual prevention was solved,Intelligent management mode of "intensive+distributed",Effectively promote employment reduction and production safety,Create a "strong engine" that can sustainable and high -quality production。Compared to the traditional offline working mode,Company production management's entire process improves efficiency of about 3.4%,and effectively reduced the workload of 17%of the company's security inspection plan,Improving the company's overall work efficiency and safety management and control ability。


The road to visualization and precision transformation of material and asset management

The company actively implements "human property、Supply and Marketing Association,Fusion with the production business、New Smart Mining Area Construction ideas for the integration of increasing efficiency and efficiency reduction,For the company's Hanjiawan、Material procurement between Sun Jiacha Longhua Mine、On the way、Store reserve、Lead、Early warning and other processes performed refined management,Realized "Digitalization、Intelligent、Sharinging、Visualization "intelligent material management control system,And through research and development of full -business coverage、Intelligent asset management control system for full -process control,Comprehensively improved the company's asset management capabilities,and explore the management path of asset materials for the industry、Established a pioneering attempt for management benchmark。Take Hanjiawan Mine as an example,Closed loop and inventory excess business closed loop,Inventory materials circulation efficiency increased by 3.1%year -on -year,Material inventory amount decreased by 4.2%year -on -year,Effectively M88 gameimproved the seamless connection effect of the company and the Hanjiawan mine business。In addition,This mine completes 687 items for inspection,Inspection equipment 19031,12 annual overhaul equipment,Small equipment maintenance 159 units,Maintenance costs 8.59 yuan/ton。


Business and management enters the digital era decision -making is more accurate,Improvement of efficiency

The intelligent sales control system built by the company,Not only does it form a powerful market information mining and customer analysis ability,and can accurately grasp customer needs,Then optimize the product structure,Reduce the cost of circulation,Reasonable allocation of production operations and resource protection,Objectives to realize the balance of supply and marketing and cost control。This system also has customized service capabilities,Make sure to meet the personalized needs of different customers。After the system is completed,Hanjiawan ore generated an average monthly weighing vehicle 10,467 vehicles,Weight weighing 355,800 tons,The overall sales queue and loading efficiency increased by 13%,Effectively improved the work efficiency of the company's sales link。At the same time,The construction of the intelligent business management and control system has also played a vital role。This system supports the company's economic indicators、Comprehensive management of the assessment indicators of each cost center and the control indicators of "Management of Management and Controlling" control indicators in each unit,Provided science for the company's formulation of various business indicators、Accurate decision -making basis。Application of this system,Management at all levels can grasp the cost in real time,Passing the cost through effective control,Hanjiawan and Sun Jiacha Longhua Mine saves 5%and 5.2%。From this,The company is able to stand firmly in the fierce market competition,Continue to gain competitive advantage。

Professional operation and maintenance leads "standardized management+risk prevention" new mode

Smart Mining Area by the company's subordinate unit information technology operation and M88 loginmaintenance branch (hereinafter referred to as "operation and maintenance branch") professional team operation and maintenance,To ensure the normalization of the smart mining area,The operation and maintenance branch has carefully compiled 14 "Smart Mining Area Normal Operation of A Study in the Smart Mining Area" manual for the company's organs and the subsystems of the smart mining area.,At the same time,The company issued the document "Notice on Doing a Good Mining Area for Smart Mining Area" in March 2024。Guided by the "One Pass" manual and the spirit of the file,new operation and maintenance operation mode formed a "standardized management+risk prevention mechanism"。operation and maintenance management based on this mode,significantly improved the intelligent normal operation level of the company's smart mining area。


Future,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company will continue to increase support for the normalization of smart mining areas,Further improved relevant policy measures,Promote digitalization、Intelligent、Safety、Comprehensive development of optimized governance,Provides stronger support for the realization of modernization governance。(Zhou Xiaoming Li Rui)