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"We are all actors" in "Construction Beautiful Mining Area"
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All cadres and employees:

June 5 this this this is the 53rd World Environment Day,The theme is "Comprehensive Construction of Beautiful China"。In order to thoroughly study and implement the idea of ​​the practice of the ecological civilization of the internship and the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Ecological Environmental Protection Conference,In Shaanxi Coal Group、Under the strong leadership of Shaanxi Coal Industry,High standard implementation of the main responsibility of ecological environmental protection,Do a good job in the construction of beautiful mining areas,The company's initiative is as follows:

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Thinking of Xi Jinping Ecological Civilization Thought,Yiyong as a pioneer、Concerning the high consciousness of the new chapter,Adhere to high standing plan、High -level coordination、High starting point innovation,Putting the construction of beautiful mining areas in the construction of first -class enterprises,Dare to take responsibility、m88 casino reviewGood at touching hard,By the moment、Moving forward,Highlighting the road of high -quality development and high -level protection symbiotic promotion,Plim the background color of ecological environmental protection、Special amplification、Fether in the color,Dangdang Road Pioneer in the construction of a beautiful mining area、Strive to be a demonstration pacesetter。

Second Re -grasp protection、Heavy boxing control,Be the guardian of the construction of a beautiful mining area

It is necessary to firmly control precision pollution、Continue to get better、Treatment of pollution according to law,Focusing water、Air、Soil、Lin Tian、Vegetarian protection and hazardous waste control、Solid Waste Management、Environmental governance, etc.,Actively implement Xing Green、Green、Greening Project,Start from the details of production and life,Battle of the Battle of the Blue Sky and Pure Land of Blue Water, Blue Sky、The front -end defensive war of pollution control in the new element and the new field、Comprehensive improvement of the repair and governance of the ecosystem,Effectively promote the high level of stability and optimization of the quality of the ecological environment、Continue to get better,Promote the construction of environmental governance M88 appsystem and governance capacity,constantly brighten a gold signboard with the characteristics of the characteristic ecological civilization with northern Shaanxi mining companies。

Third Walking to green、Entry to new and new,Being a promoter in the construction of a beautiful mining area

To actively promote green development,Accelerate the production structure、Technology、Process and other adjustments and optimization,Promote the formation of green low -carbon production method,Exploring Value Implementation Mechanism,Accelerate the construction of a new institutional system for transforming the "two mountains",Coordinated carbon reduction、Discovering、Expansion、Growth,Persist in steady progress、To promote stability、Establish first and then break,The core of promoting the stability of the ecological environment,Grasp first、Strong Ecology,Strong Ecology、Gifts,Continuously planting high -quality development green background,Support high -quality development with high levels of protection,Show a good style in the construction of beautiful mining areas、Surprove the excellent answer sheet,Effectively implement it、Walking at the forefront、Yong standing tide,Struggle with a beautiful mining area that is harmonious M88 loginand harmonious in the builder,Jiu Jiu for the road of green development for a long time!

                                              Northern Shaanxi Mining Company

                                              June 5, 2024