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Actively create a beautiful mining area -on the occasion of the 53rd World Environment Day
Release time: 2024-06-05 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Yang Teng & nbsp & nbsp Views: 600    Share to:

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the National Ecological Environmental Protection Conference in 2023 emphasizing "Putting the Construction of Beautiful China in the Construction of a Powerful Power、The prominent position of national rejuvenation "。January 2024,The Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Comprehensive Promoting Beauty China Construction "made a systematic deployment of promoting the construction of beautiful China,Open the new era of beautiful China in the new era。

June 5 this this this is the 53rd World Environment Day,The theme is "Comprehensive Promoting Beauty China Construction",It aims to thoroughly study and propagate and implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Guiding the whole society to firmly establish and practice the concept of Green Water and Qingshan is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan,Mobilize all sectors of society to actively participate in building a beautiful M88 gameChina、The great practice of realizing the modernization of human harmony between man and nature。

In recent years,The company always adheres to the concept of green development,Vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization,Around "1116" work ideas,Efforts to create a first -class three -dimensional ecological environmental protection enterprise,Establishing the Yellow River Basin Coal Industry Ecological Governance Technology Research Institute,Science proposes "multi -energy -integrated energy supply system", "multi -coordinated water resource utilization system", "to solve the problem of mining row problems from itself" three waste governance work ideas and ecological governance "96541" management system,System、Mechanism、System、High quality such as scientific and technological innovation continues to promote green development,Achieving the effective improvement of ecological environmental protection and reasonable growth of quantity。At the end of 2023,Company chemical oxygen demand、ammonia nitrogen、The total amount of nitrogen oxide pollutants decreased by 83%compared with the same period of 2020、21%、66%; sparse water、The comprehensive utilization rate of vermiculite reaches 85%、64%; the governance rate of Shenzheng District、The greening rate in the mining area reaches 89%、83%,The overall presentation of environmental quality continues to be good,Build two national green mines in two seats,1 domestic advanced level clean production mine,"Beautiful Mine" has become a bright background for the company to create a beautiful mining area。

Ecological environmental protection and ecological civilization construction,Ren Daoyuan、Line is coming to。"Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company will insist on guiding the thought of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization,Implement the new development concept、Implement the new development concept、Build a new development pattern,Focus on carbon and peak、Carbon neutralization,Major strategic layout around the ecological protection and high -quality development around the Yellow River Basin,Put the coordinated carbon reduction、Discovering、Expansion、Growth as a starting point,Take green low carbon as a target,​​Correctly handle the "five major relationships",New advantages of continuously shaping and development、New momentum,Actively create a beautiful mining area。

M88 gameEnterprise m88 casinoresponsibility that effectively assumes ecological environmental protection,Complete and accurately implement the new development concept,Stand at the height of harmony between people and nature to plan corporate development,By grasping the key points、Strong and weak items、Make -up shortcomings,Steady and orderly promotes the implementation of the "Five -Year Special Action Plan for Air Pollution Governance", "Action Plan for the Improvement of Water Pollution Governance", "Environmental Protection Facilities Operation Safety Treatment Three -year Action Implementation Plan",Persist in saving priority、Protection priority、Natural recovery as the main policy,Optimization of the coordinated capacity、pollution treatment、Ecological protection,Efforts to improve the level of advanced index of ecological and environmental protection,Make the indicator more greener,Make green sustainable,Realizing the "face value" and "value" of the green water and green mountains in the mining area continues to increase,Convert the construction of beautiful mining areas into all employees' behavior consciousness,Green、Cleaning、Zero Carbon Leading Action,Forms everyone's participation、A good working atmosphere shared by everyone。

We want to create a new situation of green low -carbon development.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Green development is the background color of high -quality development,New productive productivity itself is green productivity "。We must take the implementation of the coordination of carbon reduction coordination as the general starting point for the green development of the enterprise,Accelerate the governance method、Energy method、Transportation methods, etc.,Enhance the endogenous power of the construction of beautiful mines、Innovation Vitality。Use "Internet+" to empower environmental protection management,Gradually build solid waste management、Water Management、Carbon emissions management、Ecological restoration management and other elements in real time visual information system,Build an ecological environmental protection digital wisdom management system,Promoting ecological environmental protection governance methods into digitalization、Informatization、Smart management new era。Strictly implement the new requirements of "dual carbon", "dual -limit" and "dual control",Increase the application of green low -carbon advanced technology,Comprehensively promote clean energy development、Resource saving collection、Use of waste circulation、Carbon reducing carbon M88 appreduction work,Continuous improvement of clean production quality and efficiency,Orderly create "non -waste enterprises", "water -saving enterprise", "Effective Leading Demonstration Enterprise",Realize energy conservation and emission reduction collaboration。

We want to achieve new breakthroughs in pollution prevention.Precision、Science、Treatment of pollution according to law,Strict tone and problem -oriented as a lifeline for pollution prevention and control,Adhere to the environmental quality can only be better、Rigid requirements that cannot be worse,In -depth promotion of pollution prevention and control。In terms of improving Qi,Strengthening various pollution -owned cooperation control and regional collaborative governance,Coordinated promotion of heating structure adjustment、Vehicle exhaust control、VOCS comprehensive governance、Dust pollution rectification,Constantly improving the quality of the atmospheric environment in the mining area。In terms of consolidating water,According to "Comprehensive Governance、System governance、Source Governance "work ideas,Adhere to "Water Resources、Water Ecology、Water Environment、Water Safety "Four Water Tongzhi,Keep management compliance as guarantee、Technical innovation is power、Facilities construction is the starting point、Fine management is to improve,Promoting the protection of the water source of the mine、Process control、Classification Treatment、Comprehensive use,Effectively improve the level of water pollution prevention。In terms of controlling solid waste,According to "reduction、Resourceization、Harmicization "idea,Adhere to the principle of "one mine, one strategy",Develop a comprehensive utilization plan for ore vermiculite,Fill in the waste lane by returning to、Filling under the well、Fill in the disk、Foreign transportation building materials and other methods,Continuously broaden the handling and use path,Implement 100%compliance disposal and utilization of vermiculite。

We want to shape the new style of green mining areas.Adhere to the integrated protection and system governance of landscapes, forests, lakes, grass and sand,Exploring and building a multi -channel、Multi -solution ecological repair application scenarios,Promoting the transformation of governance efficiency into a new advantage of enterprise development,Construction livable、Yiye、Green Mining Area in Yiyi。M88 loginIn -depth study of ecological protection and high -quality development policy of the Yellow River Basin,According to "ecological environmental protection+soil and water conservation+geological disaster+scientific research+Yellow River culture" ideas,Actively explore the new path of ecological governance。Comprehensively implement the "improvement of environmental quality、Create a beautiful mining area "work,Adhere to "refreshing shaping、Consolidate and rectify、Purifying and beautifying、Bright Greening Principles,Effectively promote the production area、Living area、Office area、The overall environmental governance of the mining area,Protecting the quality of quality ore。Actively explore the transformation path of ecological value,According to "Point Out of Boutique,Beautiful scenery online,One characteristic "work concept,Ecological governance and planting、Leisure、Culture and other industries organic integration,Continue to create a model model for the "one garden, two districts, one forest, one road" demonstration model、Longhua "One Garden, Two Wings, Four Districts" Green Corridor,Painting is beautiful and beautiful、New Embrocery of the Beauty Mine of the United States and the United States,All -in -one、All area、The construction of ecological civilization in the whole process,For a long time, do a good job of ecological and environmental protection,Protecting the high level of ecological environment to promote the construction of beautiful mining areas! (Yang Teng)