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Zhao Futang made a key speech at the Provincial SASAC's promotion of the provincial enterprise equipment update and consumer goods.
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June 4,The Provincial SASAC held to promote M88 loginthe update and consumer goods of the provincial enterprise equipment for the new symposium。The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC attended the meeting and delivered a speech,Deputy Director of the Provincial Party Committee's Political Research Office Fan Jie made a special interpretation of the relevant policies。Will on the way,The Provincial SASAC notified the preliminary foundation of the provincial enterprise equipment for the update,Shaanxi Coal Group and other 8 households and other provincial -owned enterprises have made a focus on the implementation of the provincial provincial promotion of equipment updates and consumer goods with old -fashioned work。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Director、General Manager Zhao Futang speaks on behalf of Shaanxi Coal Group。He said,In recent years,Shaanxi Coal around the Provincial Party Committee、The Provincial Government has created a "four trillion -level industrial cluster" strategic deployment,The topic of high -quality development,Pay attention to the construction goals of world -class enterprises,Continue to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and development,Investment is expanding investment、Improve benefits、Consumption reduction reduction、Cultivating new industry and other key areas conducted actively exploration and attempts,Getting good results。

Zhao Futang said,Shaanxi Coal Group grasped the quality improvement of the supply side in one hand。Shaanxi Coal Equipment Manufacturing Plates through continuously strengthening technology M88 appiterative application,While improving the level of equipment manufacturing,Realized the continuous enrichment and improvement of the product spectrum。At present, the annual capacity of various types of equipment is 5208 sets,output value is about 6.4 billion yuan。1.3 meters to 10 meters Different high -intelligent comprehensive mining and excavation sets of technical equipment market prospects are good,Coal Lane shield -type excavation robot、Smart Putting Coal Brack、Mine fast sliding mold paving machine、Mining milling machine and other advanced products fill the industry blank。While meeting domestic needs,Positive docking with international standards,Realized the wisdom of Shaanxi Coal Intelligence to get out of the country。Grabbing the demand side efficiency improvement,Digital alternative and intelligent upgrade around production equipment,Accelerate the construction of a new industrialization system,invested nearly 20 billion yuan,Reconstruction 37 pair of mining mining machine transportation production system,Cumulative 32 smart mines、5 smart mines and 34 smart factories,Coal intelligent mining accounts for 99%,Group all employees' labor efficiency increased by more than 5%。Focus on green low carbon transformation in the production field,Increase the application of mining technology under the well,Promoting Yulin Chemistry 4 million tons/year CCS Demonstration Project Leading Test,Implementation of Puhua MTO and Olefin separation device、Shaanxi focus 5.5m coking furnace overhaul and dry coke device、Shaanxi Hye Hylata m88 casino reviewProcess Equipment and Orchid Carbon Device Upgrade and Transformation,73%ore selected "Green Mine" list,68%of chemical enterprises obtained the title of "Green Factory" at or above the provincial level,5 chemical companies' main products obtain the "energy -effective leader" benchmark。

Zhao Futang said,Next,Shaanxi Coal Group will resolutely implement various decision -making deployments in China,With "six more attention" ideas and measures,Solidly promoting large -scale equipment updates and consumer goods to implement the new work with new work,The proportion of advanced production capacity,Promoting energy saving carbon reduction,Fresh resources cycle and use chain,Cultivate new productive forces,Accelerate the promotion of high -quality development,Show greater as。First, pay more attention to coordination and efficiency。Second, pay more attention to equipment management。Third, pay more attention to scientific and technological innovation。Fourth, pay more attention to the waste cycle。Five is to pay more attention to low -carbon efficiency。Six is ​​more attention to inclusive policy support。Shaanxi Coal Group will conscientiously implement the spirit of this symposium,Implementation of several measures in our province,aiming at the construction of a world -class enterprise,Effectively grasp the various tasks of the "Four major actions",To ensure the security and stability of national energy,Promote the high -quality development of the energy industry in Shaanxi,Writing in Shaanxi New Chapter,Fight for m88 casinothe Western Demonstration,Contributed to Shaanxi Coal greater power。

24 households in the provincial enterprises are mainly responsible comrades、Department responsible comrades,Leadership of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission、Chairman of the Supervisory Committee、Some responsible comrades of some agencies attended the symposium。

Source: Shaanxi Coal Group website