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Northern Shaanxi Mining Company won the advanced unit of the Central China Coal Group's annual petition stable work
Release time: 2024-06-06 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: He Junwei & NBSP & NBSP Views: 654    Share to:

Recently,Learn at the Shaanxi Coal Group's annual petition stable work commendation meeting,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company won the "Advanced Unit of the Stable Work of Letters and Visits in 2023",This is also the company's for two consecutive years for this honor。Administrative Office and Junwei won the "Most Beautiful Letters and Visits Cadres in 2023"。


2023,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company insisted on studying and implementing the important ideas of General Secretary Xi Jinping's work and visits of people's petition as the primary political task and long -term strategic task,Take theme education and "Three Years" activities as an opportunity,To resolutely implement the requirements M88 gameof the Shaanxi Coal Group's petition maintenance work requirements,Letters and visits work in the overall situation of service enterprises、Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the masses、Solving the prominent problems of letters and visits continues,strongly promoted the harmonious, stable and healthy development of the enterprise。Grasp the key points,The main line of petition work for the first year of petition is used to improve the first visit.,The resolution rate of the first visit and the first visit has reached 100%。Actively promote "Maple Bridge Experience" and "Pujiang Experience",Taking the company as the end of the major risk、Grassroots units as the main battlefield for solving problems、The district team is the responsible subject of the daily contradiction to investigate and resolve,Implementing contradictions and disputes mediation responsibilities,Constantly improving the effectiveness of grassroots governance。Strengthen the study of letters and visits regulations,Including the regulations in the education and training plan of cadres at all levels,As an important content of the "Eighth M88 appFive -Year Plan" law,Created the work according to law、Find the way in the event of an incident、Usage to solve problems、Resolving a good environment for contradictions and relying on the law。Combining petitions with the "one -axis and five -wheel drive" party building KPI assessment,Implement "Daily + Special", "quarterly + annual" assessment mode,Ensure that the high -quality promotion of letters and visits work。The acceptance rate of online letters and visits throughout the year and the transfer of petitions at all levels have reached the "Double Hundred" requirements,Realized Vietnamese Visit、Group visits and "three non -occurring" goals。

Next,The company will strictly implement the deployment requirements of the petition work of Shaanxi Coal Group,Adhere to "control increase、Decrease、Anti -variable "work ideas,Give full play to the visit of leading cadres、Go down、Acting mechanism for the interview mechanism,Coordinating the resource forces of all parties to promote contradiction resolution,Promote the harmonious, stable and healthy development of enterprises。(He Junwei)