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Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine Two Team: Capacity Drop "Small Actions" Increases Efficiency "Large Articles"
Release time: 2024-06-11 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Gao Huan & nbsp & nbsp Views: 2074    Share to:

The reduction of the knight of the branch is originally in the heart,Increased quality and efficiency Practice。While further improving the efficiency of work,Sun Jiazhan Longhua Coal Mine Comprehensive Excavation Second Team is also in a rigid execution company cost reduction and efficiency and increase efficiency measures,Persist in the word "lower" to the end,Put the word "increase" to implementation,Constantly improving the efficiency of excavation。

M88 game

Maximize the use of the cycle of materials,Reduce waste,It is an important part of realizing the management measures for reducing costs and increase efficiency。Comprehensive excavation second team takes material management as a breakthrough,Organizational Symposium on Material Analysis,Formulate the "Management System M88 appfor the Materials of Comprehensive Excavation Second Team",Realize the use of underground materials,Let each part of the parts have "traces" to follow。Do a good job of material recycling at the same time,Materials to be used for the use of warehouses to repairs the warehouse、Recycling parts,Do a good job of recycling resources,expenditure saving expenses。In addition,Regularly count the material accessories used in each type of work per month,Generally controlling the consumption of monthly materials。Based on the use cycle of the device,Formulate a reasonable monthly material plan,Make sure that the equipment has a reasonable quantity material for spare parts,Eliminate excessive material backlog。

Profit Waste is a treasure "Demonstration"

Since developing cost reduction and efficiency,Comprehensive excavation second team actively advocates "things to use",Fully excavate the remaining value of waste materials,Do not let go of any place to repair the old、Opportunities for autonomous maintenance,Repair the faulty equipment in time,All accessories that can be disassembled are recovered,Continue to "turn waste into treasure"。Frequent damaged equipment to specialize in special M88 loginpersonnel,Not only improves the practical ability of employees,It also improved the long -term use of the equipment,Reduced the waste of manpower and financial resources。

Public new "Make efficiency"

Comprehensive excavation second team's independent "innovation + upgrade" to realize the mobilization of the undercut -boring arms anchor rod machine, sound light alarm、Walking without the machine。Limited working noodles during excavation、Equipment concentration、Large noise and other features,Other operators can sometimes fail to find the operating equipment in time to cause safety accidents such as abrasion or bumps。After adding the system to the arms anchor rod machine,Can remind live operators to pay attention to safety,greatly avoiding the occurrence of safety accidents,Save more than 15,000 yuan while improving safety performance。

Turnive reduction and efficiency only start point,No endpoint。Comprehensive excavation second team will keep an eye on key links、Key area,Through real grasp、Grasp、Frequent grasping,firmly unswervingly fight cost reduction and efficiency and increase efficiency "tackling"。(Gao Huan)