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16742_16747,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company carefully carried out special activities for "three defense" in the rainy season,Strictly to prevent natural disasters and production safety accidents caused by the prevention of extreme M88 gameweather,Before -ahead、16752_16758。

According to the meteorological department forecast,Disaster rain and floods may increase from May to September this year。17616_17618,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company established the leading group of "three defense" in the rainy season,Clarified the division of responsibilities and the focus of work; grassroots units established corresponding organizations,17362_17368、17655_17657、17404_17409,Further improve the working mechanism,17409_17415,Effectively strengthen the safety risk prevention work during the flood season。17724_17726,Organizations at all levels strengthen and local weather、Flood control and other departments contact,Timely grasp the dynamics of safety production during the flood season,Always tighten the safety strings。


"We are mainly responsible for the deployment and implementation of the" three defense "activity documents of the rainy season,19116_19120、19032_19036、19162_19166、hidden dangers urge rectification and implementation,Schedule the emergency duty duty、Assistance to emergency rescue,Paradise inspection and inspection of the ground picked area,Underground prevention and control water management。"Zhou Zhufeng, the person in charge of the production site of Hanjiawan Coal Company Production Land Measurement Technology Management Department," One Blog "of the" Three Defense "responsibilities M88 loginof the rainy season。19348_19350,19347_19350、17655_17657、The district team has a clear responsibility。

Northern Shaanxi Mining Company's rainy season "three defense" focus on six tasks: strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers before the flood,Eliminate the hidden dangers in the bud state; actively reserve the "three defense" materials for the rainy season,To plan ahead; strengthen the prevention and control of mine water damage,Eliminating water damage accidents; maintaining drainage and power supply system,Ensure ore drainage、Reliable power supply; investigation of hidden dangers of natural disasters,Prevent natural disasters; strengthen emergency drills,Improve emergency disaster relief ability and emergency level。

20281_20286,We insist on the 24 -hour leadership duty system,The leader of the duty on the day is the leader of the duty of the "three defense" on the rainy season,Once there are disaster weather or emergencies,,Quickly do a good job of dispatching command and emergency plan for disposal。"Ma Hao, a dispatcher at Hanjiawan Coal Company, said,"We have established a safe risk research and judgment mechanism for the flood season,Every heavy rain and even rainy weather,We are on the surface of the surface、20377_20382、Under the well may cause the key parts of permeability to strengthen monitoring and inspection,20620_20624,20365_20371、20637_20641。”

Slightly different from Hanjiawan Coal Company,m88 casino reviewSun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company is in accordance with the principles of "three -tunes and three must" and "who is in charge of who is responsible",Comprehensive "three defense" work responsibilities。"Strengthening risk recognition,Eliminate the "rainy season" hidden dangers; improve material reserves,Resolutely achieve ahead; strengthen process control,Daily inspections of strict falling; strengthening the value of the value,Improve emergency management ability。"Wang Li, the person in charge of the Safety Production Technology Management Department of Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company, said。

m88 casino reviewSun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company is mainly implemented from responsibility、21702_21706、21854_21858、Duty and other aspects to start with many aspects,Take the "Special+Dynamic" inspection method,21613_21619、22000_22002、Drain and other equipment and facilities for comprehensive investigation,Further refine the "three defense" work measures for the rainy season,21826_21830、21960_21964。"A rectification ledger was established for the problem of the found problems,21669_21675、Rectification time limit and rectification measures,21683_21689,Really be able to prevent problems before it happens。21872_21876,Not fulfilling the responsibility、Caused serious consequences,Will be held accountable seriously。

22692_22694,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company makes full use of WeChat public account、M88 login22450_22454、22362_22367、Electronic screen and other promotional positions,Vigorously promote the "three prevention" knowledge of the rainy season;、22642_22646、Perform practitioners for safety knowledge,Continuously enhance the awareness and emergency response ability of all staff。17724_17726,Organizations at all levels actively carry out special inspections of "three defense" safety in the rainy season,Carefully check the point of the flood season、22396_22402,Timely formulate preventive rectification measures,Ensure the safety of the mining area,22442_22448。22811_22815