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Zhu Yadong —— "The rain is sunny, it is the midsummer"
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Time still passes,The evening breeze outside the window ushered again in midsummer,Time seems to press the "Acceleration key",The last second was still in spring,This second is the midsummer。The four seasons in the northwest have always been clear,I don’t know why this year,Summer quietly came to my side。

Sky light,Standing in front of the window,Looking at the distance,The sky like a sea -washed sky is quiet and far away,Breeze gently touching pedestrian cheeks,Sound cicada also echoed in the ear。Mild life can always make time faster,It is also easy to make people lose their direction,Unexpected goals。Just like now,Unknowingly came to the second midsummer in Hanjiawan,Occasionally talk to colleagues who come with the same batch,Everyone seems to have learned a lot,I seem to have learned nothing。

Where is the summer? Su Shi wrote in "Drinking Lake on the Lake": "Shuiguang 潋滟 潋滟,Mountain -color empty rain is also strange。Want to compare West Lake to Xizi,Light makeup and thick wipes are always suitable。"" For the scholars m88 casino reviewin the south,Summer is the smoke and rain of the broken bridge,Is the Bibo of West Lake,Gentleness penetrated into the bones,Make the hot summer summer softened on the south night,Life seems to be only a pleasant two -character mining pedestrian for them。For us in the Gobi of the Northwest,For the coal miners in Hanjiawan,What is summer? Stand in front of the window,I can't help thinking like this。

Just then,Didi answering sound attracted my attention,I can't help but look out of the window,I do n’t know when Wuyun has shrouded the entire sky。Summer in Hanjiawan is always changing,The last second is still the sky,The next second will be densely cloth,Dark Rain Pot。Urgent rain,The dense rain drops are constantly hitting the window,As if it is about to break in。This heavy rain shows endless vitality,It caused a great impact to give people the heart。This is a barbarous growth,Different from the gentle and rough vitality of Jiangnan Water Village,It really feels the majesty and greatness of life。Everything seems to be reborn in this rain,The confusion and confusion in the heart is released in this heavy rain。

My feelings suddenly open,The summer of coal miners does not break the bridge and the blue waves of the West Lake。This wilderness in the Northwest,We run in the depths of the coal m88 casinosea,Walk between the roadway,Back and forth at the project construction site,Travele in the torrent of data,The summer of coal miners is created with their own hands。Different from the gentleness of Jiangnan Water Village,Gobi in the Northwest revealed a wild spread like weeds,Coal miners enjoy the romance that is exclusive to them here。

The rain is gradually smaller,A ray of sunlight penetrate from the clouds,The light golden sun is full of Hanjiawan,Pedestrians in the mining area gradually increase,Listen carefully,You can also hear the slogan of the mines in the morning,Everything is positive。Every coal mine worker who comes here,All work hard for a better life,Even if it is stormy, it cannot extinguish people's enthusiasm。

At this time I suddenly understand,Hanjiawan taught us to carry the responsibility of shoulders,We come here from campus,Everyone is for a better life。The first lesson we learned is full of sincerity,Actively face the difficulties and challenges in life,Really becomes an independent,Forwarding a new era youth,To bear the responsibility belonging to it。

People live up to Qingshan,Qingshan is not available。Hanjiawan's land is indeed unmotivated,Yin Qing uncertain,The hard environment of the coal industry is really daunting。But like Wuyun who came occasionally,M88 loginCoal miners will never be knocked down by difficulties,We know what we want,We can defeat all suffering and challenges,Because we know,Rain over the sky,It is midsummer。(Zhu Yadong, an information technology operation and maintenance branch)