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Hanjiawan Coal Company, two employees, were awarded the "Top Ten Science Popular Explained Members" in Shaanxi Provincial Emergency Management
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June 25,2024 Shaanxi Provincial Emergency Management Popular Science Explanation Contest (final) is held in Xi'an,Yang Nan, a contestant selected by Hanjiawan Coal Company、Zhai Panfan both won the honorary title of "Top Ten Science Popular Explained Members",fully demonstrated the solid results of the company's emergency management work,and the good style of company employees。


This contest was sponsored by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Emergency Management、Shaanxi Provincial Safety Production Propaganda Education Center,The theme is "Everyone talks about safety and emergency",The purpose of the 20th spirit of the party is designed to thoroughly implement the party's 20th spirit,Implement "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Popularization of Science and Technology in the New Era",Vigorously promote the concept of safety,Popularized emergency knowledge,Improve the ability of emergency hazards and self -rescue and rescue of the masses,Building M88 appa people's defense line that is urgently managed。

The contest started at the end of April,Divided into two stages: preliminaries and finals。After receiving the notice of the contest,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company attaches great importance to、Careful deployment,Hanjiawan Coal Company established a leading group,Special responsible for participating in preparation。During the preliminaries,The company carefully prepared two propositions of "Another Side" of the Internet Red Pickup Land "and" Escape "of the" Escape "of the Water Disaster。Two players work overtime、Prepare for full effort,Careful recitation of the manuscript,Continuous breakthroughs and improve yourself,Continuous breakthroughs and improve yourself。"Kung Fu is not responsible for people",Selected through online,Both players both enter the final。


For the final preparations for the final,Hanjiawan Coal Company arranges personnel with explanation experience,Potal counseling to two players,Evanizing the content of the participating explanation。Two players give full play to subjective energy,Persist in fixed -point training every day,Repeated simulation drills for the participating process,Do a good job of final preparations with firm determination M88 gameand strong perseverance。The final is explained by the independent proposition、Random proposition explanation、Three links of the judge Q & A,Two players are explained by professional、Fluent expression、Greater style、Stable play,Fully demonstrated the forestry of the cadres and employees of Hanjiawan、The spirit of hard work,Finally, I was unanimously recognized by the judges with strong power,Stand out from the 43 final players in the province,Both enter the top ten。

"Can achieve such good results,It is inseparable from the strong support and guidance of the company,I will use this competition as a new starting point,Efforts to improve yourself,Give full explanation advantage,Do a good job of emergency science,Contributions to the company's safety production publicity work greater strength。"Contestants Yang Nan said。

Talk about emergency knowledge,Singing a safe song。Next,Hanjiawan Coal Company will take this award as an opportunity,Further tree "people first,Life first "concept,Optimized emergency management mechanism,Promoting safety culture,Popularized emergency knowledge,Create "everyone talks about safety、Each Emergency "atmosphere,Promoting the security governance mode to prevent M88 gametransformation beforehand,Make sure the safety production situation in the mine is continuously smooth and good。(Zhou Ni Xin Guo Hongxin)