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Northern Shaanxi Mining: Do a good job of ecological and environmental protection in the second half of the year with high quality with high confidence
Release time: 2024-07-03 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Yang Teng & nbsp & nbsp Views: 450    Share to:

Since this year,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company pays attention to the work requirements of the "eight focus" work of Shaanxi Coal Group,Around the "Five New Breakthroughs、Seven Comprehensive Deepening "new measures,Determination of the company's "1116" work ideas,According to the company's 2024 ecological and environmental protection work meeting、Green type、Low -carbon -type first -class three -dimensional ecological environmental protection enterprises "and the goal,Ecological and environmental protection work in the first half of the year realizes stable progress,The main work target is M88 gamebetter than expected,Construction of Beautiful Mining Area、Ecological governance demonstration model creation、Comprehensive Utilization of Shi Shi、Environmental Protection Information Management、Water resources saving and intensive use of 5 aspects of work effective,Realize the "zero" incident of environmental protection。    

Now,2024 has come to the second half,We faced the new requirements of the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection in the new era,Follow the Shaanxi Coal Group、New deployment of ecological environmental protection work of Shaanxi Coal Industry Co., Ltd.,The company must use 100 times confidence,Burting hard,Fighting hard,High -quality work in the second half of the year。    

M88 gameWe must resolutely implement the thought of the internship ecological civilization thought,The general secretary of learning and understanding Xi Jinping has previously come to Shaanxi to inspect important speeches and the spirit of speech at the National Ecological Environmental Protection Conference into the political consciousness of leading cadres、Thought Consciousness、Action Consciousness,Especially when you encounter problems、Difficulty and contradictions,Be good at using the deviation of ideas for thoughts、Looking for the way、Find the answer,To be used for learning and thinking、Uniform。The company must adhere to the "steady word、Stable and Progress ",Earnestly implement the overall deployment of the company's ecological and environmental decision -making,Further strengthen the sense of responsibility and bottom line thinking,Twist the target task without loosening,A positive attitude、Scientific plan、Practical measures,Optimized use of capacity、pollution treatment、Ecological protection,Implementing various tasks in place, Effective guarantee annual task is successfully completed。    

To deeply grasp the new and new responsibilities in the new era,Resolutely carrying the political responsibility of ecological environmental protection。We need to effectively strengthen the responsibility of ecological and environmental protection,Improve ability and execution,Promoting environmental protection work is effective。With the company's pollution prevention and control, it gradually enters the m88 casinovertical depth,The ability to deal with complex problems for managers is getting higher and higher,All units must continue to carry out "learning regulations、Learning business、Learning Technology "activity,Accelerate the formation of "strict、True、Fine、Real、Quick "officer atmosphere,Create a knowledge and understanding method、High -quality ecological environmental protection team with high skills。At the same time,Strictly implement ecological environmental protection "party and government responsibility、One post and two responsibilities "" three tubes and three must ",Default and implementation to form a list of environmental protection liability,Promote the construction of the "Great Environmental Protection" work pattern; strengthen Article 12 of the responsibility of the main body of environmental protection,Give full play to the subjective initiative of each unit,Strengthening hidden dangers investigation and treatment,Three -year operation of operational control of environmental protection facilities in combination with environmental protection facilities,Actively promotes Shaanxi Coal Group's "Investigation and Supervision and Supervision and Supervision of Hidden Hidden Danger in the Field of Eco -Environmental Protection"、Company's "Rectification Plan for Environmental Protection Issues",Ensure during environmental protection inspections,No environmental protection major hidden dangers are listed in supervision、Interview、Report、News media exposure incident。    

To deeply grasp the requirements of the new era and new power,Continue to promote green low -carbon development。We must adhere to the high station plan、High starting point innovation、High starting point innovation,"Improve environmental quality、Create the work arrangement of beautiful mining areas "put it in first -class enterprise construction,Dare to take responsibility、Good at touching hard,Comprehensively promote the production area、Living area、Office area、The overall environmental governance of the mining area,Realize the image of the enterprise、There are specifications for things、There are rules、There are standards; continuously creating a model model for the "one garden, two districts, one forest, M88 gameone road" demonstration model、Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company "one garden, two wings and four districts" green promenade,Plim the green background of the high -quality development of the enterprise、Special amplification、Insurance to be full; coordinated carbon reduction、Discovering、Expansion、Growth,Persevere "grasp first、Strong Ecology,Strong Ecology、Mass quality "principle,Accelerate the research and application of green low -carbon advanced technology,Improve clean production quality and efficiency,Actively promote the construction of "non -waste enterprises" and "water -saving enterprises",Digitalized、Informatization、Intelligent empowering environmental protection management,Constantly improving the ability to modernize ecological environmental protection,Comprehensively promote the construction of green mines into a higher level,Show the new as a beautiful mining area、Get new results。    

To deeply grasp the new era and new mission,Continuously promoting the quality of the ecological environment is good。We must adhere to precise pollution、Scientific pollution、Treatment of pollution according to law,Keep strength、Extension depth、Expansion breadth,In -depth promotion of environmental protection,Donestly determination、Take more powerful measures,Continue to improve the quality of ecological environment in the mining area。In -depth battle against pollution prevention,To persist in problem -oriented、Specifications and Treatment,Keep an eye on key areas、Key index precision policy,Strengthen atmosphere、Water、Solid waste risk control,Focus on "Five -Year Special Action Plan for Governance of Air Pollution", "Action Plan for the Improvement of Water Pollution Governance", and "High Standard Pollution Prevention Work Plan",Refined annual emission reduction target、Key task,Careful research guarantee measures,Powerful to promote the implementation of various tasks,Accelerate the formation of green production lifestyle。Actively promote ecological repair,Strict standards to carry out historical problems land、Destruction of land、Push filling soil to destroy the land repair,Monitoring such as the quality and m88 casinogreen vegetation survival rate of the soil and soil in the land,Improve reclamation field、Forest Land、Grassland management level; adhere to target -oriented,Process control,Accelerate the implementation of the annual mining geological environment governance recovery and the implementation of the land reclamation fund project,Ensure that the completion rate is not less than 80%,Effectively promote the high level of stability in the quality of ecological environment in the mining area、Continue to get better。    

Colorful hard work and cast wonderful glory。Let's keep in mind the teachings of General Secretary Xi Jinping,Actively practice the concept of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains",The existing achievements running out in the first half of this year into a starting point for progress,Transform the belief of victory into the motivation of pride、Actions that must be fought in seconds,Use a fuller spirit、More persistent struggle,Excellent answers to ecological and environmental work throughout the year! (Yang Teng)