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Northern Shaanxi Mining Company won the provincial -level designated assistance unit "good".
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Recently,Shaanxi Provincial Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department issued the "Notice on the results of the final assistance work assessment of provincial units in 2023" (Shaannonfa [2024] No. 39),Report the results of the provincial designated assistance work assessment in 2023,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company is rated as "good" and other provincial designated assistance units。



In recent years,Under the strong leadership of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Carefully implement the deployment of the work of China and Shaanxi Coal Group on rural revitalization,Resolutely implement the "Four Nothing Pick",Focus on the "Five Royal Revitalization",Continue to play pairing assistance,Composites with actual results to help rural revitalization Xinhua Chapter。

Focus on high coordination,Help the revitalization of the countryside。The Party Committee of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company has always included fixed -point assistance work in the party committee.,As one of the key tasks of the whole year, grab,Always promote industrial development、Increase villagers' income as the focus of work。According to statistics,Since the implementation of rural revitalization strategies in northern Shaanxi Mining Company,Cumulative investment of more than 2,400 million yuan for assistance funds m88 casinofor consumption assistance、Industrial Development、Visit condolences、Golden Autumn Aid、Minsheng Engineering, etc.,strongly promoting the comprehensive economic and social development of regional economic and social。Sending 6 batches、9 political consciousness strong、High work enthusiasm、Outstanding cadres who are familiar with the work of "agriculture and rural areas" carry out assistance work in the village,Around "Party Construction Leaders,Branch set up a platform,Party members take the lead,Industry to get rich "ideas to formulate industrial development plan,Display a "industrial interest、Ecological Beauty、The Green Development Road of the collective industry of the people "。

Focus on resource endowment,Promoting industrial integration。Northern Shaanxi Mining Company Focus on helping the village regional geographical location and resource endowment,Combined with Hanyin County Development Plan,According to the strategic idea of ​​"Beautiful Highway+Industrial Development+Rural Revitalization",Create fruit and vegetable planting along the Han Double Tourism Highway、Aquaculture、Tourism and leisure 200 acres of cherry industrial park agricultural travel integrated project band,It is estimated that after 2025,It will increase the income of more than 200,000 yuan for the village each year; it will build 150 acres of vegetable industry greenhouses in Longxun Village in two phases,Develop fruit and vegetable M88 appdigital agriculture,Not only does it provide more than 100,000 yuan in stable income for the village collective economy every year,You can also drive the surrounding people to increase their income,Continue to enhance the motivation for development of the people in the people in poverty,Promoting helping the villagers from the village。

Focus on the rich people to increase their income,Stimulates rural vitality。Industrial development drives the masses to increase their income,Improve the effectiveness of the people with high quality employment。Since the designated helpers of northern Shaanxi Mining Company, since the designated helper for Dragon Village,Organize more than 350 acres of land to develop the fruit and vegetable planting industry for more than 350 acres of land,Drive the people around the people around the "door" to start a business、Increase income to get rich,The people and the people live and live in their well -being increased。In 2023, the per capita net income of Poverty Alleviation and monitoring households in Longxun Village is 14949 yuan,increased by 13.7%year -on -year。

Next,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company will continue to study and implement the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's work on "rural revitalization" and "agriculture, farmers" and the spirit of the important speech in Shaanxi.,Leading with the experience of using "10 million projects",Take the opportunity to create a county -level "10 million project" demonstration M88 gamevillage,Anchor the development goals of the provincial designated help village,Effectively do a good job of helping the village to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation results.,Contribute to the cause of the rural rejuvenation of Hanyin County more.。(Zhang Hui)