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Since June,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company in -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on production safety,Tightly focused on the deployment requirements of the "Safety Production Month" activity,Carry out a series of activities in a targeted manner,Tamping responsibility with "system","Speaking" Runxin,Building defense with "training","Check" supervision and reform,Ensure that the safe production situation continues to m88 casinostabilize and improves。


Grasping safety production is like developing a "seat belt"。To ensure the effectiveness of the "Safety Production Month" activity,The company issued the "Notice on the" Safety Production Month "event in the 2024" Safety Production Month "document,Preparation for advance、Careful planning series activities。Six major items、16 small work,and the division of work division of various tasks,Clarified the responsible department and completion time limit,At the same time, a grass -roots unit work assessment form was formulated。

The company has issued the "Administrative Measures for the Management and Control Platform of Coal Mine Safety Intelligence Guarantee", "Remote Safety Inspection System", "Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Clearance System of Major accidents", and "Regulations on the Management of Fire Fighting Safety Management of Power",adjust according to the company's personnel adjustment,Amended the responsibility system for production safety,Do everyone blame、Everyone knows and blame、Everyone's responsibility。


"For the life of the employees、Family Happiness,For the safe production of the enterprise、Scientific Development,​​I swore ... "The company and grassroots units held a" Safe Production Month "launching ceremony around May 30,Formulate a activity plan in combination with actual activation,The pace is consistent、The same frequency resonance,Broadcasting "safe seeds" in every part of the mining area。

"Improve the safety prevention and control ability of each employee is the meaning of the question of the" Safety Production Month "activity。The company's publicity activities passed by the company,Fresh safety knowledge and emergency skills to every place,Fully mobilize employees to participate in safety production common governance,Consolidate the foundation for safety production,Building a more fulfilling common、More sustainable security barrier。"Mu Ping, the person in charge of the m88 casino reviewcompany's safety supervision and management department。


The company makes full use of the website、WeChat public account、Electronic screen、By banners and other methods to publicize the "Safe Production Month",Forms a strong promotional momentum,Create a strong security atmosphere。Not only that,Walking in the study room of various mining areas、Jingkou waiting room、Wind well and other significant positions,You can see publicity slogans about safety everywhere。Each unit makes full use of the banner、Blog、Ship Board、Propaganda painting and other carriers,Actively broaden the publicity position,Expansion of publicity coverage。

Take the "Safety Production Month" activity as an opportunity,The company conducts extensive lectures and lectures、Training Counseling、Case warning and other activities,firmly establish a security red line consciousness。Organization invites experts to give a special lecture,Counseling the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on production safety;,Legend of Leadership Package at all levels,Achieve all staff coverage,Further enhanced the awareness of the security red line and responsibility。As of now, a total of 33 preaching activities、30 typical case special warning education。


Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company carried out activities such as "Safety Initiative" and "Safety Production Everyone",Organize "Thirty and Story Safety with Me" Safety Speech Competition,886 people participated in the special training of emergency ability improvement、917 people participated in the special training of self -rescue, mutual rescue and medical first aid;、Captain of the District "talks about safety class,Guide employees to consciously learn security knowledge,Comply with security regulations; information technology operation and maintenance branches held an emergency knowledge competition,Further strengthened the emergency hedging and self -rescue skills of M88 loginemployees。The company also selected two players to participate in the province's emergency management popular science explanation contest,Get the second place、Ninth place in good results。

June 16 "Safety Publicity Consultation Day",The company's organ invited the instructor of the Yulin Fire Detachment to give a lecture on fire knowledge。Each unit through watching the event promotional video、Set the slogan banner、The keynote speech、Explanation of the use of self -rescue device,Concentrated publicity and policies for production safety、Laws and regulations、Safety knowledge and shelter self -rescue and other popular science knowledge。

Safety production,focusing on prevention。"Safety Production Month" activity every year,It is an important "physical examination" for the annual safety production work of the enterprise,It is also a "booster" for enterprises to improve the level of safety in production。

"Start the ground fire emergency rescue plan,Immediately organize personnel to evacuate in an orderly manner ... "June 15,In Hanjiawan Coal Company,The harsh fire alarm sounds,Employees under the guidance of firefighters,calm and calm,Cover the mouth and nose,Near the side of the wall,Quickly and orderly evacuate to the evacuation assembly point。This is the scene of the company's "double -blind" emergency drill organized by the company。


"Safety Production Month" period,The company carried out the ambulance team's "physical skills dual improvement" big training activity,All units organized all staff fires、evacuation escape exercise、Comprehensive emergency drill of flood prevention、Large -scale power outage and withdrawal exercise。Each drill process organization is in place、Tension and orderly、Cooperation method、Holdings,Reached the expected effect,Effectively improving the emergency response ability and risk aversion ability of cadres and employees。

Company and the principals of M88 appvarious units take the lead in organizing safety inspections,Persist in checking the production system、Check disaster treatment、Check production continuation、Investigating personnel behavior,Do not leave dead ends,Efforts to eliminate the hidden dangers of safety accidents in the "bud" state。Company Trade Union Organizing employee representatives carried out safety inspections,Carefully listen to the front -line employees in production safety、Opinions and suggestions on labor protection。Company leaders led the team twice into the supervision work of the grassroots units,As of now,Safety Production Month 16 Tips has been completed or continued to advance。

As a staged activity,The annual "Safety Production Month" activity ended successfully,But safe production is still a long -term and arduous task。Next,The company will continue to implement security responsibility,Continuously consolidate the foundation of security,solidly promote the three -year operation of safety production,Ensure that the enterprise has long -term stability。(Zheng Qinyue)