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Shaanxi Coal Group and M88 gameState Grid and State Grid Shaanxi Company signed an in -depth cooperation framework agreement
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July 5th,Shaanxi Coal Group and State Grid Shaanxi Company signed a deep cooperation framework agreement。Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Chairman Zhang Wenqi,Secretary of the Party Committee of State Grid Shaanxi Company、Chairman Zhang Xuehong attended the signing of the agreement and delivered a speech。Member of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Deputy General Manager Yuan Guangjin,State Grid Shaanxi Company Party Committee member、Deputy General Manager Yue Hongquan signed an agreement on behalf of both parties。


Zhang Wenqi thanks to the long -term support and help of the State Grid Shaanxi Company。He introduced the production and operation of Shaanxi Coal in the first half of the year,Through the implementation of the "Four Business Concepts",Pay close attention to "make up for shortcomings、Strong and weak items "Key work,Getting the business effectiveness that is better than expected,Promoting high -quality development。He said,Shaanxi Coal Group has a long history of cooperation with State Grid and Shaanxi Company,Complement of Industry and Resources,Culture and concepts are connected,Have a good foundation and broad space,Through the multi -level m88 casinocommunication and communication between the two parties,Mutual trust,Deepen cooperation,The signing of the cooperation agreement has promoted the cooperation between the two parties to start a new journey,Go to a new level,It will promote both parties to better fulfill political responsibility、Social responsibility and economic responsibility。He pointed out,To further grasp the implementation of the cooperation project,Establish a work class,Hold a special meeting,Form the implementation list,Jointly promote procedures to complete and build operations,Enhance the core competitiveness of the project。To create a model for cooperation between central enterprises and provincial enterprises,Joint economic and social benefits to the province's economic and social development together。He hopes that the enterprises of both parties will not only cooperate in the project,Management has communication,It is also necessary to build in the party、Communication of group work,Forms a full range of cooperation communication。

Zhang Xuehong thanked Shaanxi Coal Group for its strong support for the development of State Grid and Shaanxi Power Grid。He said,Shaanxi Coal Group and State Grid Shaanxi Company are the same state -owned enterprises,The goal is consistent、The same responsibility。First, to enhance mutual trust,Continuous deepening M88 appcooperation,Jointly promote high -quality development。Second, we must strengthen communication,Forms a multi -level communication mechanism,Coordinates and coordinate cooperation between the two parties by the development department and other departments。Third is to pay close attention to implementation,Innovation in power technology、Power supply quality increase efficiency、New energy development and other aspects to fully implement cooperation matters。He also cooperate with energy storage projects at the same time、Power marketization reduction cost、New project's power support and other aspects proposed cooperation ideas。He pointed out,The signing of this cooperation agreement,Continue to deepen the cooperation mechanism of both parties,Create in -depth cooperation of local enterprises and central enterprises、mutual help and mutual learning、A model of common development,Contributions to the high -quality development of Shaanxi's economic and society of Shaanxi。The signing ceremony of the agreement,Yuan Guangjin read the content of the cooperation agreement。

Shaanxi Coal Group Electricity Division、Strategic Planning Department and New Energy Company、Fugu Energy Company、The person in charge of Shaanxi Steel Group,State Grid Shaanxi Company Office、Development Department、Capital Department、Regulatory M88 loginCenter and Shaanxi Trading Company、The person in charge of the Shaanxi Academy of Electrical Sciences attended the agreement signing ceremony。(Power Group)

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