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Northern Shaanxi Mining Co., Ltd. won the award in the Typical Case Review Competition of Shaanxi Coal Industry Cost Management
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July 5,Shaanxi Coal Industry Hosted "Focus on Cost -for -Trees and Control benchmarks,Exchange Typical Cases Promotion and Promotion "Cost Management Typical Case Review Competition,The "1443" full -process cost management and control system displayed by Northern Shaanxi Mining Company won the third prize for the case。


Typical case review competition activities of this cost management are divided into two stages: m88 casinopreliminaries and finals。After receiving the notification of the competition,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company attaches great importance to,Screening from the case、Writing of materials、The organization of the competition is strictly controlled,Make sure the best effect of the case promotion display。

Hanjiawan Coal Company held a special deployment meeting,Requirements to implement competition activities,Carefully created or arranged cases,Take the form of scenario defense,Wonderful presentation of the rich connotation and application results of the "1443" all -process cost management and control system,Especially the measures and results of the four major expense centers in all aspects of cost management。Five players who participated in the competition overtime,Repeated polishing、Benefit,Strive to do the best。

Preliminaries,Contestants cooperate with tacit understanding、Stable play,Stir out from 18 units,Failure to enter the finals in the end。Finals link,Players are calm and calm,Use vivid M88 loginlanguage、State State、State State,Get the unanimous recognition of the judges and the audience,and finally won the good results of the third prize。

This competition fully shows the company's financial team dare to take responsibility、A good spiritual style of courage to compete for,It also promoted the company's cost management and control experience cases and typical practices,Established a good image of the enterprise。Northern Shaanxi Mining Company will take the opportunity to participate in this competition,In -depth Cases Management and Control Case of Outstanding Enterprise,Continuous strengthening comprehensive budget management,Pay close attention to the core key task,Fully improve the company's management level,In order to reduce costs and increase efficiency and consolidate the foundation,Promoting cost control work to a new level。(Jiang Ting)