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Watermelon planting with "sweetness" rural rejuvenation and "running head"
Release time: 2024-07-08 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Zhang Huigang & nbsp & nbsp Views: 720    Share to:

"The early spring red jade we planted this year、Special Xiaofeng and Kirin Watermelon,All are high -quality watermelon varieties on the market,Poor color bright red meat crispy tender and refreshing,Sugar 12.5 or more,Single melon weighs 2.0 kg,Long preservation time,Good commodity,Rich unsaturated fatty acid、High -quality protein,It also contains potassium、Phosphorus、Calcium、Magnesium、Selenium and vitamin E、Vitamin B1 and other nutrients。”

Recently,The hanging vine watermelon planted by the northern Shaanxi Mining Company to build a hanging vine watermelon planted by the vegetable and vegetable greenhouses in Longxun Village was harvested。The neat and orderly vines are refined into the eyebrow,Strong on the vine、Round watermelon is loved,Seduces color,A small card is placed next to the unfamiliar watermelon in each red net pocket。This small card represents the pollination time of watermelon,is to facilitate customer picking,Calculating the mature date of watermelon。


This project is the research team of China Agricultural University in the village work team and the village and town investment promotion,Carry out new varieties of new varieties、seedling cultivation、Planting technology related,Formed watermelon species、seedlings、Planting、Sales "One Dragon",Develop fruits and vegetables digital agricultural fusion,Drive the development of Longxun Village to develop modern characteristic M88 appagriculture,Promoting specialty products to scale、Development of branding direction,Add new kinetic energy to rural revitalization。Four greenhouses planted this year's small green watermelon,All use soilless cultivation、Nutritional liquid agent、Sheep dung and organic fertilizer,Mainly use biological prevention and treatment in the management of pests and insect pests。

According to an introduction,The hanging vine watermelon planted in solar greenhouses has red watermelon、Yellow Watermelon,Whether it is the sweetness of watermelon、Products,Still taste,All won unanimous praise from merchants,It is estimated that the output value of hanging vine watermelon planted in 4 greenhouses will be more than 250,000 yuan。(Zhang Huigang)