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Hanjiawan Coal Company Create Mining Rescue Points in all aspects
Release time: 2024-07-10 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Zhang Bo & NBSP & NBSP Views: 686    Share to:

Recent,Hanjiawan Coal Company's ambulance squadron organized a comprehensive quality assessment,It marks that the team's three -month "physical skills dual improvement big training" activity has ended successfully。

This large training activity is divided into physical training、Equipment operation training、Skill training three stages,Comprehensively enhanced the team's emergency response ability and professional literacy,Create a mining rescue pioneer。During the event,Hanjiawan Coal Company attaches great importance to、Careful plan,Arrange science in combination with actual situation、System and targeted training content。


April,The Heat of the physical training stage began to start with the Heat。On the training field,Team members sweat like rain,Two kilometers、Five kilometers of long -distance running to exercise their endurance; M88 appclimb rope and horizontal bar challenge their upper limb strength; anaerobic exercise、Power training、Flexible training and coordinated training comprehensively improved their physical fitness。

"Not bitter,Don’t shout tired,We have to prepare for emergency rescue time! "This is the determination and belief of the team members。Whether it is hot sun or wind and rain,You can always see the figure you gritted on the training ground。Through comprehensive physical training,The physical fitness of the team members has increased significantly,Endurance significantly enhanced。

May,The team members ushered in equipment operation training。Two -hour oxygen respirator、Two -hour oxygen respirator、Su Sheng Device、Self -rescue device and other important equipment have become everyone's "close partners"。From rusty to proficiency,From proficiency to proficiency,Team members study day and night,Repeated exercises,Strive to master the most accurate operating skills in the shortest time。

"These equipment is our eyes and hands in the rescue process,Familiar with them,Just familiar with our battlefield! "A team member said this。It is the spirit of research M88 loginwith such a research,Team members are proficient in equipment operation,Emergency ability increases sharply。

June skills training,Pushing the big military training activities to a climax。Wind barrier、Build a closed wall of wooden boards、10,000 meters endurance、High -temperature strong smoke exercise、Anti -Fighting Tube and other actual combat simulation training one after another,The team members shuttle and fight in the simulated "disaster scene"。Perigisal cardiopulmonary resuscitation、Trauma and hemostatic bandaging and other first -aid skills training is also performing simultaneously,Team members not only have to rescue,It is necessary to provide effective first aid for the injured in the first time。"Each training is a entrustment of life,We must do the best! "This is the common voice of all players,It is also their unremitting goal for it。

After three stages of effort training,The comprehensive quality of the team members has achieved a qualitative leap,Skilled and precise equipment operation,Skilled and precise equipment operation,Rescue skills are more solid and comprehensive,Become a "Iron and Steel Great Wall" that guards M88 appthe safety of mines。(Zhang Bo)