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Shaanxi Coal Group and Hanzhong City held a symposium
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On the afternoon of July 9,Shaanxi Coal Group and Hanzhong City held a symposium,Both parties will further deepen corporate cooperation、Promote the construction of regional energy projects、Optimize the industrial structure of Chinese enterprises、Help the high -quality development of enterprises and land to communicate and communicate。Secretary of the Hanzhong Municipal Party Committee Zhang Ye,Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee、Mayor Wang Jianping,Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee、Executive Deputy Mayor、Wang Li, Minister of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee; Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Chairman Zhang Wenqi,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Director、General Manager Zhao Futang,Member of the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Yuan Guangjin attended the discussion and exchange。


Zhang Wenqi to Hanzhong Municipal Party Committee、Municipal Government has long -term help and support to the Shaanxi Coal Group for help and support,introduced the history of the Shaanxi Coal Group、Production and operation、"Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" project planning,production and operation of enterprises in Han、Project construction。He pointed out,Since last year,Shaanxi Coal Group fully advocates and implemented M88 loginthe "four business philosophy",Pay close attention to "make up for shortcomings、Strong and weak items、Prosperity "key work,Showing a stable increase in revenue、A good development trend of great increase in profits,It reflects high -quality development。He said,The industrial layout of Shaanxi Coal Group is highly consistent with the industrial direction of Hanzhong City,Both parties must further deepen expansion cooperation,Expand the scale of cooperation scale,Jointly promoting pumping storage、Coal -fired power generation, etc. The promotion and construction of the Chinese project,Shaanxi Coal Group will set up a special work class,Research and demonstration,Fully promote the implementation of cooperation matters,Concubes the joint construction of enterprises、New chapter of win -win cooperation。

Zhang Ye expressed his gratitude for the economic and social development of the Shaanxi Coal Group for many years to support the economic and social development of Hanzhong.,and introduced the economic and social development of Hanzhong City、Improved business environment、Steady growth of investment and industrial development、Ecological protection, etc.。He said,Hanzhong City fully supports the development of Shaanxi Coal Group in Han Enterprise、Product structure adjustment and new project investment,Implementing special class coordination promotion,While working hard to M88 logindo a good job of the project's preliminary work,Preparation for various element guarantees in advance,Lay a solid foundation for promoting the development of the industrial development of Hanzhong。He pointed out,Hanzhong Municipal Committee、The city government will continue to do their best to do a good job of service protection,Provides a good business environment for the development of Shaanxi Coal Group in Han development,Models of cooperation between the two parties into corporate and land cooperation。

At the symposium,Zhao Futang communicates on the cooperation project,I hope that the two parties will strengthen communication,To better promote project implementation。Wang Jianping used the comprehensive use of resources、Steel cost reduction, etc.。

Wang Zhen, Secretary -General of Hanzhong City Government,Deputy Secretary -General of the Municipal Party Committee、Director of the Municipal Party Committee Shu Tuo,Deputy Secretary -General of the Municipal Government Hui Li,Municipal Development Reform Commission、City Water Conservancy Bureau、Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau、Municipal Transportation Bureau、Nanzheng District, Hanzhong City、The main leader of Xixiang County Party Committee; the Strategic Planning Department of Shaanxi Coal Group、Electric Power Group、Construction Group、Shaanxi Steel Group、Shaanxi Coal slightly electric、Relevant person M88 loginin charge of Liping Company of Industrial Group Participation in the Symposium。

Source: Shaanxi Coal Group website