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Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company again won the title of "Coal Industry Special Safety and Efficient Mine"
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Recent,The Shaanxi Coal Industry Association named and released the list of coal industry safety and efficient ores in 2022-2023,Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company is famous。This is the company named "2020-2021 coal industry special security and efficient mine" by the company,Once again this honor。

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2023,The company mainly targets safety and efficiency,"The optimization of the production system,Modernization of technical equipment,Modernization of technical equipment,Systems of Personnel Training "as the requirements,Management without loopholes、No fault in the equipment、No defects in the system、There is no "three violations" for staffing、Safety without accident,At the same time, carry out in -depth jobs、Professional standard、Activity of the corporate standard。

Actively promote the construction of NOSA's risk management system,and successfully passed the "Platinum Two Stars" identification,formed "Longhua Features 1121 Three Violation Laws", M88 app"5811" and "775" production management model、Extreme cost management work method and other advanced management models and systems,Highlighting the company's "private mechanism、State -owned Quality "feature。

Comprehensive policy production tasks "Renewal of Renewal"

The company carried out "fight for sixty days · Gathering again" labor competition,Complete the comprehensive mining work surface San'an and Sanjie,The provincial electric coal insurance supply is 950,000 tons,202 The Daiguan area is a large -scale work surface to put into operation,Give full play to the resource endowment advantage of the high -level high working surface。Digging first -line trial 775 production work system,Reduce the operation time of the underground,Focus on improving the happiness of employees。Optimize the size of the coal pillar size in the 202 plate area,Complete the 102 -plate area closed。Research on the construction plan along the empty lane,Deepen the development of the "one excellent and three reductions" work。

The company's two teams won the first prize of the "Quality Trust Criminal Team" in Yulin City in 2023、Comprehensive excavation team was rated as "2020-2021, the coal industry safety and efficient coal mines kilometers"M88 app。Coal mine enterprises that have been rated by the coal industry, a safe and efficient mine,Represents the advanced production capacity unit of the coal industry,Safety production、Mechanization、Working face production、Efficiency of production personnel of raw coal、Resource recovery and other indicators have reached the industry's advanced level。

Increase investment in scientific and technological innovation "re -efficient energy"

The company uses "production automation、Running collection control、Management Information、Team Specialization "is the direction,Fully create an intelligent mine,Increase investment to introduce advanced technical equipment and talents,Monitoring、Control、Management integrated information integration system,Intelligent digging production、Schedule the informationization of early warning、Positioning system precision、Auxiliary management intensive、Fixed place is unmanned、Meeting organizes modernization,Wireless 4G communication achieved the "dual network fusion" and full signal coverage of the well -down.,The level of productivity is more intelligent、Ben Anhua、Ben Anhua,Intelligent mine construction is at the forefront of the region,m88 casinoThe company successfully passed the acceptance of Class A intelligent mine in Shaanxi Province。(Yin Hualong)