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June 12,Deputy Director of the Energy Bureau of Yulin Municipal Energy Bureau Zhang Hong and his party came to northern Shaanxi Mining Company to carry out safety inspections。Vice General Manager of the Company Niu Huming、Lei Junhua,The person in charge of the relevant department of the organ accompanies the inspection。The inspection team arrived after arriving at the company,Detailed understanding of the basic situation of the company's safety production management and the development of various safety special activities,Then verbally question、Check the information, etc.,Investment in the company's safety production organization and production safety、Implementation of the responsibility of the main body of safety production management、Coal mine concealed disaster factor Pu ...

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"Linzhou Craftsman" Wang Li, Shenmu City: 精 淬 淬 心

For 18 years,He grew up from an ordinary technician to a national coal skill master,Growing all the way all the way,Cumulative completion of 38 items of technical reform projects,Create a direct economic benefits of hundreds of millions of yuan。He is the whole country ...