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May 13th to 15th,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company uses the method of "main venue+learning point",Holding party discipline study education and reading class。This reading class,It aims to organize party members and cadres to carefully study the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",To learn discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Clarify what the party's discipline is,What can I do to understand、What can be done,Print the obedience to the discipline in the heart,Further strengthen discipline consciousness、Enhanced political determination、Disciplinary Determination、Morality、Resisting the decision,Always be loyal ...

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Hanjiawan Coal Company's cost reduction and efficiency increases multiple measures

Since this year,Hanjiawan Coal Company anchor the annual task target,Focus on cost reduction and efficiency、Multi -measure creativity,Persist in the whole process of the idea of ​​"too tight days" through the whole process of production and operation,Fully launched cost reduction and efficiency and increase efficiency.

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Wang Li, "Linzhou Craftsman", Shenmu City: 精 淬 淬 心

For 18 years,He grew up from an ordinary technician to a national coal skill master,Growing all the way all the way,Cumulative completion of 38 items of technical reform projects,Create a direct economic benefits of hundreds of millions of yuan。He is the whole country ...