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Liena Tower Mining Company: Play the strongest sound for high -quality development
Release time: 2022-03-08 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Liu Ya Deng Shuangfu & NBSP & NBSP Views: 25229    Share to:

Pay attention to implementation,In order to adapt to the new changes in news publicity work、New Challenge、New requirements,Constantly improving the quality of news and publicity work,Lemon strip mining m88 casinocompany combined with actual,Work around the center,Innovative ideas、Pay attention to implementation,From plastic brand、Building a team、Typical Type、Four aspects of the atmosphere,Continue to promote news promotion work and then go to a new level,Open a new situation。


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"Everyone,Hello everyone! Welcome to the program "Lyric Tower News" ... "Recently,The newsbound column of the Light Tower Mining Company is officially launched and broadcasts,Meeting with the majority of cadres and staff。Video news is the company facing the new situation、Combined with new features,An important measure of bold innovation。

In recent years,The company's party committee attaches great importance to journalism,Persist in using innovation as a journalistic work around the center、The fundamental departure point and foothold point of service the overall situation,Her close contact company development actual,Continuously promoting ideas innovation、mechanism innovation、Carrier Innovation,Construction of accurate positioning、distinctive features、A new pattern covered with a wide range of journalism and propaganda work。

It is understood,The company's news network records one issue per week,Focus on selection of 5 to 6 news broadcast。The column caused a strong response in the mining area,It has been unanimously recognized and welcome by everyone。To make high -quality video news,The company also purchased new equipment,Created a video news studio,The first of the first independent news broadcast companies in the third -level unit of the group company。In addition,Still in the office building、Electronic screens in the staff dormitory and other places、Smart vertical screen,The real realization of "there is news propaganda if there are employees"。


Open Night School Class --- Create "Team"

"I am a good in the Ling Si" I wrote for a week,The staff of the party committee work department uses it to teach me in addition to get off work。"Night School Training Course" Senior "student Yang Hao said。

To create a good public opinion atmosphere for the company,Powerful news and publicity work,Liena Tower Mining Co., Ltd.、Opening night school classes and other measures,Points to improve correspondence news and writing ability。Employees with rich experience in the grassroots writing and new college students with a basic writing foundation are enriched into the correspondent team,Effectively guarantee the continuous file of grassroots correspondents。Current,The company has established a correspondent team of more than 40 people。

"In the preliminary selection of the correspondent,We adopted the recommendation of the party branch、Personal application of employees、A mode of investigation of the work department of the Party Committee's Work Department,Youzhong Selected Excellent Register,Cultivation of targeted manner。"Ren Zhixiong, deputy minister of the party committee working department responsible for the construction of the correspondent team。


Integrated into production and operation --- Tree "Typical"

"To write a high -quality news release,Can't sit in the office to stay in the office,Really valuable news will always be on the front line production site。”

"Yes,Only go to the scene for an interview,can you master first -hand information,Write valuable manuscripts。"Lemon strip mining company correspondent WeChat group,Everyone discusses fiercely。

In recent years,Lemon strip mining company continuously innovative publicity work ideas,Enhanced active M88 appplanning consciousness,Pay attention to the in -depth report of the enterprise,Regularly organize a symposium on correspondent、Online News Symposium, etc.,Publicity dynamic continues have been formed、A good situation that the effect is constantly stimulated,Ensure that the continuous positive energy publicity is continuous、Truthfulness and Beauty Disposal to continue to guide ideological public opinion work。

2021,The company's news propaganda work around safe production、Reform Innovation、Intelligent integration、Business Management、Team Construction、Stereo ecology and other key tasks,More than 1500 posts and post items,Propaganda work is always located in the first echelon of northern Shaanxi Mining Company。Manuscript "job responsibilities speech contest,Blind Management Personalized "New Engine" "is the WeChat platform of the group company,The click -through rate exceeds 14,000,Creating a new high in history。


Strengthen management assessment --- Create "atmosphere"

In the past two years,The results of the news promotion work of the lemon strip mining company are significant,All data reached a new high of history,WeChat public account number also exceeded 7,000 people,Established a good image of the Ling Tower Mining Company。

To improve the quality of news publication,Create a good atmosphere of public opinion for the high -quality development of the enterprise,The company incorporates publicity and report work into the work of grassroots party branches、Types and other institutions and other assessment indicators,Report the manuscript publication at the political and workers' conference at each quarter,strict assessment in accordance with regulations,To make arrangements、There is m88 casino reviewan assessment、There is an assessment,Enhance the consciousness and consciousness of the action of the party branches。

In addition,The company also opened up party building in the WeChat public account、All members Shuangchuang and other columns,Actively encourage the party branch secretary and administrative supervisor to promote the party building of the unit in a timely manner、Safety、Management、Good experience in work and other work、Good approach,Effectively play the positive role of public opinion guidance。

"Next,We will boldly innovate news propaganda work form and carrier,Give full play to the function of news and publicity,Let the news and propaganda work of Ling Tower Company really strong。"Speaking of the news promotion work of the Ling Tower Company,Geng Yuyun, Minister of the Party Committee of the Company, said。(Author: Liu Ya Deng Shuangfu  Edit: Wang Yu)