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Shaanxi Coal Group News
Release time: 2024-06-08 M88 login& nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Huang Wei & nbsp & nbsp Views: 654    Share to:

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"Shaanxi Coal Group News" No. 21 3

Since the development of party discipline learning and education,The Party Committee of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company attaches great importance to,Quickly implement the work deployment of the China Provincial and Shaanxi Coal Group,In -depth study of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Learn、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Further change the work style,Strengthening responsibility,Provide a strong discipline guarantee for the high -quality development of the enterprise。

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"Party members and cadres must be targeting the requirements of the party committee of the Shaanxi Coal Group,Highlights,Promote the high -quality development of party discipline learning and education。"at the launch meeting,The company's party committee made a detailed deployment of party discipline and education,Require party organizations at all levels to integrate the study of the "Regulations" into the daily life、Grab it frequently,Education guidance of party members and cadres to learn、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji。

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May 13th to 15th,The company uses the method of "main venue+learning point",Holding party discipline education and education and reading class。Reading Class invites the Provincial Party Committee's theoretical preaching team member Ji Yu、Pang Jiangping, former inspector of the m88 casinoPropaganda Department of the Xi'an Municipal Party Committee,Special tutoring for the Regulations。

Reading class,Party members and cadres carefully study the "Regulations",In -depth understanding of the main purpose and requirements of the regulations。Watching a clean government education warning film,Make party members and cadres to wake up、Ming bottom line、Awe of Awe。Carried out a special discussion,Talk about learning experience one by one for party members and cadres,One after another said that the Regulations should be used as a compulsory course,Always be loyal and clean。

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"Learn the Regulations",Learn by word by word、Learn by chapter by seal,Make sure to enter the mind。Strengthen warning education,To build a thoughtful defense line,Improve the effect of work style。"April 28,At the second special seminar of the Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center,The company's party committee clearly request,To learn content、Method、Plan、progress, etc. make a thorough arrangement,Promoting Discipline Discipline Learning and Education Deep Those。

Multiple measures, "Ji" in "Heart"

Diverse learning needs for party members,Make full use of the company's WeChat public account、Company website and electronic screens and other media,Timely push authoritative interpretation、Graphic Regulations、Knowledge points, etc.,Realized online learning and offline m88 casinolearning echo、Orderly connection,Implement theoretical learning to "minimum unit",Create a strong learning atmosphere。

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For the push of party discipline learning and education deeply,Company organs、Grassroots units in the party branch,One after another with "three meetings and one lesson"、Warning education、Theme Party Day、Exchange Seminar and other forms,Learning "Regulations",Use party rules and party discipline to correct the thoughts and actions of all party members。

"Party discipline learning and education not only improves the discipline and regulations of all party members,Disciplinary in my heart、Action is ruled,It also injected new motivation into the party's party style and clean government construction。"Li Jintao, Secretary of the Party Branch of Hanjiawan Coal Company, said。

Since the party discipline study and education,Company Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group Party Disciplinary Study and Education Two times; hold special training and counseling 2 times,Carry out "Three Meetings and One lesson" and 61 theme party days,Comprehensively understand the main content and spiritual essence of the Regulations。

Current,618 party members from 55 grass -roots party organizations in the company,Quickly set off the "Learning Regulations、Guardian Discipline、Ming bottom line、Awe of Awe "Learning boom,All party members are consciously taking the discipline、M88 appZhiji、Mingji、Defense into daily habits and consciously follow。

At the same time,The company will closely combine party discipline and education with further strengthening style construction,Promote the normalization of discipline supervision,Vigorously advocate the work style of "strict" and "real",Guide all party members and cadres to give full play to the role of vanguard,Focusing Center Work、Annual key tasks,With strict discipline、Excessive work style guarantees high -quality development of enterprises。(Huang Wei)