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Shaanxi Coal Group Xinjiang project equity transfer M88 loginagreement is officially signed
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June 27,During the 8th China -Asia -Europe Expo,Shaanxi Province and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region holding a symposium in Shaanxi New Work Coordination in Urumqi。Shaanxi Coal Group、The Corps Energy Group and Xinxing State -owned Capital Operation Company jointly signed the "Xinjiang Zhongxin Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Equity Transfer Agreement"。


Deputy Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee who attended the Symposium of Shaanxi New Work、Governor Zhao Gang,Deputy Secretary of Xi'an Municipal Party Committee、Mayor Ye Niuping,Deputy Secretary -General of the Provincial Government Lan Jianwen,Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission Sun Ximin,Director of the Business Department Yang Miao,The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC Ren Guo; Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、The chairman of the autonomous region Elken Tuniazi,Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region、Chen Weijun, Executive Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region,Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region、Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Yusu Fujiang · McMati; Standing Member of the Autonomous Region Party Committee、Minister of the Organization Department Wang Lin; Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang m88 casino reviewProduction and Construction Corps、Commander Xue Bin,Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Party Committee Standing Committee member、Deputy Commander Ha Zengyou and other leaders see signing。Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Chairman Zhang Wenqi attended the meeting。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Director、General Manager Zhao Futang,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Energy Group of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps、Chairman Feng Li,Xinjiang New Star State -owned Capital Operation Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Gong Jianmin signed an agreement。

Since the start of the Xinjiang project of Shaanxi Coal Group,In the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government、Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee and Government、The strong leadership and support of the Xinjiang m88 casino reviewProduction and Construction Corps,Shaanxi Coal Group is based on the overall situation of Shaanxi New Cooperation,Fighting on serving the national energy security strategy,Around its own development advantage,Actively implement Shaanxi Province and the Autonomous Region、Corps cooperation agreement,Comprehensively strengthen local enterprise communication and collaboration,Normal communication negotiation、Normal communication negotiation,Completed mineral right assessment and some internal and external preliminary procedures。The official signing of this equity m88 casino reviewtransfer agreement,It marks that Shaanxi's new cooperation has achieved another major results,Shaanxi Coal Xinjiang project has entered a new stage of substantial promotion,Shaanxi Coal Group will officially lead the development of Xinjiang Chahquan No. 2 coal mine and downstream conversion project。This is a new breakthrough achieved by the development of Shaanxi Coal Group outside the province,It is also a new coal resource after 10 years after 10 years of Shaanxi Coal Group,further promoted the optimization of the industrial layout of Shaanxi Coal Group、Structural adjustment and incremental development。

Shaanxi Coal Group Xinjiang project is a key project for development outside the province,Shaanxi Coal Group will aim at the benefits of enterprises、The government has tax、Employees have income、Shareholders have returns、Develop sustainable goals,At a first -class promotion speed、First -class construction quality、First -class comprehensive benefits,Create Chahaquan No. 2 Coal Mine into a high -yield, high -efficiency and intelligent benchmark mine in Xinjiang,Active supporting coal conversion and industrial extension project,Realize the complementary and coordinated development of the industrial chain,The development of the Shaanxi Coal Group for the development of the Corps and the Autonomous Region and Shaanxi。(Xinjiang Company)

Source: Shaanxi Coal Group website