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Entrying Shaanxi Coal APP
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April this year,Northern Shaanxi Mining Hanjiawan Coal Company Coal Company Coal Complete Cost Compared with the plan to reduce 10.23 yuan/ton。Hanjiawan Coal Company is one of the 36 pairs of production mine managed by the 13 coal production enterprises of Shaanxi Coal Group's coal plate,Approves the annual production capacity of 4 million tons,The management level of the mining cost of thin coal seams belongs to the middle bias inside the Shaanxi Coal Group,The "Exploration and Practice of Industry Fortune Integration and Practice" won the second prize of the China Coal Industry Association in 2023 Management Modernization and Innovation Achievement。

With the change of contradiction between supply and demand,Strengthening cost management has become an important measure for coal enterprises to respond to market challenges。Hanjiawan Coal Company also conducted in -depth exploration and practice in cost management。

What are the ways to strengthen cost management?

ton coal cost is an important quantitative indicator for measuring the quality of the development of coal mines。The conditions M88 loginfor the deposit of coal mines、Disaster situation、production capacity、How much is employment、Intelligent levels, etc., will affect the cost of ton coal。"Different types of coal mines,Even if the capacity is the same,It will also be based on geological structure、Different factors such as coal mine disasters cause different costs of coal for commodity coal。But many measures for cost management,It has a reference meaning for most coal mines。"Speaking of cost management,Hu Ruhai, deputy manager of Hanjiawan Coal Company, has a lot of experience。

"We have set up production technology cost center、Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Calculation Center、Fund Management and Control Cost Certificate Center、Project Engineering Cost Center,Strict control cost costs。"Introduction to Hu Ruhai,Through refinement of cost,The company's exploration formed the "1443" full process cost control system,Sharing of production and operation data、High -efficiency collaboration of supply and marketing、The "Industry Fusion" informatization platform of the business achievement of the business achievement。

According to the requirements of relevant documents of Shaanxi Coal Group,Reinforcement cost management is mainly from strategic cost、System cost、Corporate cost、Product costs and other aspects。"We fully mob" the enthusiasm and initiative of cadres and employees,Comprehensively constructing a long -term mechanism for reducing costs and increasing efficiency。"Hu Ruhai said,Turnive reduction and efficiency is always a logical stress for coal mine production and operation。For this,The company vigorously create a strong atmosphere of cost reduction and efficiency,Incorporate various indicators into the scope of comprehensive budget control,Solidly promoting refined management of cost -based costs based on the "double ten system",Realized dynamic management、Static management、"Industry and Financial Integration" is a cost -free management system。Now,Finance personnel through an information platform,You can understand the mining well mining continuity in real time、Product inventory、Product price trend and other key business indicators。

Every month,The company's district team must hold a symposium on cost -reducing efficiency and increase results。Xu Guangtian, the leader of the second squad of the company, said: "We use the waste anchor rod,Processing of anti -leaching raincoat hanging device。Save time,improved efficiency。"" We use waste materials to process the wind rack 2、Toolbox 2、Belt 1 bridge m88 casino review1、Auxiliary Shun Shin Tank Dragon Gate 2,It is expected to save 35,000 yuan for material costs。"Maintenance Class Leader Garui said。

The company also adheres to the evaluation mechanism of all -member innovation projects in the quarterly。"2023 Innovation achievements apply for 35 national new practical patents。In the first quarter of this year,Call 105 items of innovative projects for a total of,Get 5 items of national new practical patents。"Zhou Zhufeng, Minister of the Production Land Measurement Technology Management Department,All members innovated and optimized the production process,Improve production efficiency,Reduced costs。

Reasonable tax planning,It is also an effective measure to reduce costs and increase efficiency。"Get the qualifications for safe and efficient ore identification,You can enjoy the preferential tax policy in the West。Current,We are applying for application。"Hu Ruhai said,In addition,Their R & D project is recorded in time,Strive to enjoy the cost of R & D expenses and deductions; timely sort out and prepare for corporate income tax reduction and credit information,In the Calculation of Corporate Income Tax Calculation,Make sure to enjoy various tax preferential policies。

What space does it have to improve cost management?

In terms of cost management,Hanjiawan Coal Company has done a lot of effective work。Even so,Cost management still has room for improvement。

"For example,We pay attention to the savings reduction reduction in the production and operation process,But did not effectively integrate cost reduction and efficiency into the mining design、Safety investment、Engineering quality, etc.,To make a coordinated plan。Mainly manifested as the cost of all -staff cost process management and control,Cost -level classification control has not fully achieved refinement。"Hu Ruhai said,This is the answer that the company is working hard。

The strategic decision of coal enterprises is closely related to cost management。"The contradiction between strategic decision -making and cost management,Often manifested between resource investment and cost control。It is necessary to ensure the necessary investment in strategic decision -making,Also consider how to control costs。"to achieve sustainable development,Coal mines need to invest a lot of funds for scientific and technological innovation、Equipment update, etc.。For this,Hu Ruhai thinks,To strengthen internal communication and cooperation,Strictly review special funds、Major cost、The rationality of large expenditures such as scientific research M88 appprojects,The accuracy of improving the budget,Conflict between the strategic decision -making investment and cost management as much as possible。

Low -value Endog Material Management,is the weakness of cost management。Strictly review the material plan、Enter and out of the library account,Try to destroy as much as possible,Reduce the purchase expenditure of new materials; strictly implement the old leading new system、Waste Material Management System,According to the material、Recycling and transferring storage of oil recovery rates; encourage district teams to repair independently,Increase the recycling and reuse of waste materials,Maximum use of the use of new materials; notifying the results of material consumption and cost reduction increases at the end of the month,Award -winning punishment ... Hu Ruhai said: "Although this work has been doing this aspect,But the depth and breadth are not enough。To increase management strength,Repeated grab、Grab repeat,For a long time、Good work and success。”

The bidding work also has an effective decrease、Space for reasonable control of cost。"Reasonable planning project scale,Avoid increasing costs due to increased scale; optimize the design plan,Reduce engineering costs; introduce a competitive mechanism,Selecting cost -effective suppliers or contractors; strengthen the supervision and management of project costs,Make sure the cost is controlled within a reasonable range。"Hu Ruhai said,These moves to control costs from the source of bidding,The company has begun to implement。

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Cost management has been on the road

Cost management,Knowing the hardship,Only difficulty。The author is in the interview,The biggest feeling is,Grasp the implementation of the system、Reflected all members' participation、To make a coordinated plan、Focus on scientific and technological innovation、Highlighting really dry,If you can work together,Cost costs of coal mines will still decrease significantly。

Do a good job of implementing the system,Some rules and regulations、Compliance management does not receive expected results,The main reason is that during the execution process,Pay attention to the program、Forms compliance,Ignoring the inherent requirements of compliance management。Control the cost from the source,The essence lies in the implementation of the system,The key lies in the strict management of the process。

Reflected all the participation of members,System、The formulation of measures,Both reflect the "what" at the macro level,Also m88 casino reviewpay attention to the "how to do" at the operation level。In real work,Increased quality、Treat reduction、Methods to increase efficiency are endless,Can you achieve the in -depth participation of all members,Can you achieve the refined implementation of institutional measures,Can it really be "settled first,After dry work ",Can the cost management system be effective、How much results can be important。

To make a coordination and take care of it,According to "high positioning、System plan、Highlights、Reinforcement execution、Pay attention to practical results "work requirements,Cost management should strengthen the execution power at the institutional level,Highlight creativity from the management level,Energy at the operation level,Only coordinates and take care of、Overall advance,Grasp the big or small、Seeking far away,can achieve the expected results。

Focus on scientific and technological innovation,If you examine intelligent construction projects from the perspective of cost management,To avoid repeated construction in the industry,can directly copy the existing mature technical routes and technological achievements,Choose "mass production" smart devices as much as possible,Reduce the "customization" of smart devices,to reduce trial error costs and project costs,Realizing scientific and technological innovation and cost control。

Highlighting really dry,Pay attention not to play、Frequent grasp、Strictly grasp it,Can we build a long -term mechanism for reducing costs and increase efficiency。Low -cost coal mines,It may not be able to achieve high -quality development; high -cost coal mines,It must not be high -quality development。Coal mines must achieve high -quality development,Cost management is important,The key is to find the entrance,Use actual actions to interpret "Avenue to Jane,Struggle is required,Don’t abandon micro -end,Uncountable Gong "。(Huang Wei)