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Shaanxi Coal Group promotes exchange at the China (Shaanxi) -Russian Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Conference
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April 26,hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government,Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce、Hanging of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shaanxi Province,China (Shaanxi) -Russian Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Association co -organized by the Xi'an Tong International Port Management Committee was held in Moscow。The Governor of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province, Zhao Gang, attended the meeting and delivered a speech,Chinese Embassy in Russia and relevant departments of Shaanxi Province、The person in charge of the enterprise,Relevant agencies in Russia、The person in charge of the enterprise attended the meeting。


Will on the way,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Chairman Zhang Wenqi to promote exchanges as corporate representatives。

Zhang Wenqi said when introducing the basic situation of Shaanxi Coal Group,Shaanxi Coal Group is a Fortune 500 company with diversified development,Coal mining、Coal Chemical、Electricity、Steel and other traditional industries,There is also new energy、New Material、High -end equipment manufacturing、Modern industries such as logistics transportation,Play an important role in the relevant industrial chain in Shaanxi Province。Shaanxi Coal Group is a green development enterprise with clean and efficient use of energy.,Actively M88 appimplement the intelligentization of coal,Use "coal -free column" coal mining、Technologies such as comprehensive use of gas,Realized the green and efficient mining of coal。In the field of coal clean and efficient utilization,Persist in using coal as a dual use of fuel and raw materials,Coal power installed more than 30 million kilowatts,The technical level reaches the international leading。Relying on independent coal conversion technology,Actively develop the modern coal chemical industry,built into the world's largest coal -to -ethylene glycol device。The polyolefin produced、Industrial Silk、Carbon fiber and other products,Exit Europe、South America、North America、Asia and other more than 20 countries and regions。In the field of circular economy development,Actively deployment of coalbed methane gas power generation、Three waste comprehensive utilization industries,Formed cement、Ceramics building materials、Food -grade carbon dioxide and other products。In the field of equipment manufacturing,1.3 meters to 10 meters independently developed by different high intelligence comprehensive mining and excavation of technical equipment,It has exported nearly 30 units to various countries,Among them, export 12 units to Russia。Produced high -end automated road paving machine,65 export orders with Russian companies this year。Shaanxi Coal Group is a growth company that pays attention to scientific and technological m88 casino reviewinnovation,Xi'an in China、Shanghai、Shenzhen、Beijing,and Germany、Japan laid out the Institute of Technology,Forms a pattern of collaborative innovation at home and abroad,At present, there are more than 30 scientific and technological innovation achievements with independent intellectual property rights,After industrialization, it will bring the output value of hundreds of billions of yuan。Future Shaanxi Coal Group,Have a broad growth space。

Zhang Wenqi said,May last year,China -Central Asia Summit was successfully held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province,Many consensus for co -construction of the "Belt and Road",created more opportunities for the friendly cooperation of China -Russia enterprises。Russia is rich in coal、Petroleum、Natural gas and other mineral resources,Shaanxi Coal Group has green and efficient and intelligent mining and transformation technical equipment、Funds and talents。I believe in the friendly cooperation between China and Russia,Enterprises of both parties play their respective advantages,It will definitely promote the intelligent efficient mining and clean and low -carbon use of various energy resources in Russia,Realize win -win cooperation,For the social and economic development of the two countries,Contributing the power of the enterprises of both parties,Reflected the value of the enterprises on both sides。


A project signing ceremony was held at the meeting,Chairman of Xi'an Coal Mine Machinery M88 loginCo., Ltd., which belongs to Shaanxi Coal Group、General Manager Che Wanli and Russia's "Gechk" non -open -stock company general manager Ivan Bachsev signed a coal mining machine supply agreement,Zhang Wenqi and the leaders of the meeting see the signing。

Source: Shaanxi Coal Group website