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Fourth Shaanxi Coal Craftsman Chen Minzhong: Because of perseverance,So shining
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"Recognize a direction,Just persist to do it,can achieve the established goal。"Chen Minzhong, deputy M88 appcaptain of the ventilation maintenance team of Hanjiawan Coal Company, verified such a simple truth with his own practice。

Chen Minzhong is a veritable technical star in the mining area,Won the first prize of the "Sanqin Crafts Crafts Cup" employee professional skills contest、"Jiang Coal Cup" 2023 The first prize of the National Coal Industry Skills Competition,Divided "National Technology Experts in the National Coal Industry", "Shaanxi Provincial Technical Expert", "Chief Technician of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company"。A few days ago,He also won the honorary title of "Shaanxi Coal Craftsman"。


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2008,New to Hanjiawan Coal Company,Chen Minzhong was assigned to the ventilation maintenance team's tile inspector position,Due to professional disharmony,Everything must be learned from the beginning。To figure out the components and working principles of the gas inspector,He unloaded the instrument used in the instrument room、Unload,Review of books that I don’t understand、Reading information,To the squad leader、Please ask the technician,Step by step from technical white to the backbone of the team。

On both sides of the bedside of his dormitory, various professional knowledge books of tile inspectors,Every day he takes out the time to read professional books such as "Coal Mine Gas Inspection Work" and "Safety Regulations for Coal Mine",Thick's reading notes,Is his most precious "treasure"。He often said, "As long as you love,Nothing to do "。

2022,The company upgrades the gas sampling analysis system。To completely conquer this new set of equipment,He "entangled" the factory technician,Where can people M88 gamego,Where does he follow、Where to ask,It is only time to digest all the questions。He also cherishes the opportunity to go out skills training,I always know a few friends with similar hobbies every time,Say in his words,"Make friends with other units with other units,You can also learn a lot of skills,Everyone comes from different units,Observation and experience are also different,Instead, it is easier to collide with sparks。”

willing to endure hardships, see the real skills

2020,Filter through layers,Chen Minzhong was fortunate to participate in the selection and training class of the National Skills Contest of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company,Because of poor psychological quality,It is easy to be nervous,Finally brushed down as a staff member,Can't participate in the competition,This is a regret in his heart。

After returning to the mine,To exercise psychological quality,He carried a gas inspection instrument at the door of the mine every day with a gas inspection instrument every day、Employee restaurant,Wherever people go and practice。At first he felt very awkward,Uncomfortable,There are more times,It is also used to it。During the training in 2021, he continued to use this method,Holding the instrument at Shenmu City Railway Station、Practice with many people on the street。It is precisely because of his spirit of unconvinced losses,Fastly overcome psychological disorders,and successfully got the "Entrance Voucher" participating in the skill contest,Tension training,Finally won the first prize of the first prize of the first "Three Qin Crafts Crafts Cup" in Shaanxi Province in 2022。

Daily work,After the task is completed every day。After the task is completed every day,He has to conduct an assault check on the tile inspector of each position,Drawing of the post of tile inspectors、Check the tile inspector work manual、Supervise tile inspector on -site practice exercises。"Only we are meticulous to do their job,Only ensure the safety of ‘one through three defenses’。"Chen Minzhong said this。


Strict requirements, be a good technical leader

With the continuous extension of the mining of the mine,higher requirements for the quality of tile inspectors,Chen Minzhong took responsibility for the responsibility of training tile inspectors。His innovative launch of the "National Race Training Law",Determine the standard、Plastic process、Promoting promotion to starting point,Repeated scrutiny on the work process that is accustomed to,Continuous exercise,Seeking a method of further optimization,Constantly seeking knowledge in practice、improvement、Promotion。

Start from cultivating good work habits and a strong sense of responsibility,Chen Minzhong taught knowledge bit by bit。During inspection,Always let the apprentices get started first,He stared at。Each check place,He has to inform the operation of the operation、Note and the impact of the surrounding environment on the inspection results。After the apprentice is completed,He pointed out a question,The operation steps of demonstrating the specifications for them again。

He has trained Zhang Meng, "Shaanxi Provincial Technical Expert"、"Huayang Cup" 15th National Coal Industry Vocational Skills m88 casino reviewCompetition Third Prize winner Zhang Yancheng、Shaanxi Coal "Caojia Beach Cup" third prize winner Guo Xingxing and many other skilled talents,Provides strong technical support for the safety of the mine "one pass, three defenses" for the mine。

It is with the line、The enthusiasm and tirelessness of love and line、The spirit of hard work,Chen Minzhong grew up from a foreign door to a business backbone and technology leader,Become a role model and a lighthouse in the minds of cadres and employees。(Wang Xiaoping Qiangxinxin)