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"Linzhou Craftsman" Wang Li, Shenmu City: 精 淬 心 心
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For 18 years,He grew up from an ordinary technician to a national coal skill master,Growing all the way all the way,Cumulative completion of 38 items of technical reform projects,Create a direct economic benefits of hundreds of millions of yuan。He is the national skill master of the national coal industry、Shenmu City "Linzhou Craftsman"、Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company Minister Wang Li。


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2006,After graduating from Wang Li University, he joined Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine,Stepping on the journey of coal,Open a new page in his life。

"Do you love a line,More essentials M88 game",This is the "first heart" of Wang Li。From the technician to the deputy chief,From chief engineer of coal mine to the company's safety production management department Minister,Facing various new environments、New task、New Challenge,He always walks in front,Struggle footprint infection with everyone around him。He often said: "Don't be afraid of understanding,I'm afraid of not learning ",Love Learning、Love Diamond Research is the "label" that he grows all the way。

To become a craftsman,Workman first。During his technician, he was the technical "big laug" in everyone's eyes,He always rushes to the front when he encounters the task of emergency and danger in the work,Carry the task on the shoulder。20103 work face,Suddenly there is a cutting frame in the working surface,As a technician, he has been conducting technical guidance at the scene,The big stones on the slot are unable to start,Feng Hao worn the hand,When everyone is worried,,He boldly proposed to use "surface controlled blasting" to treat vermiculite,From writing measures、Design angle to implement it on the spot,It has been 36 hours quietly,The final working face restores production,smooth penetration。

There will be returns in the end,"Research and Application of the Sun Jiachalong Coal Mine Coal Rate Impressation", "The Research on the Elimination of Coal Body and Micro Structure Stress Effective effects", "Research on the Research on the Research and Application of Coal Mine for Mine for Mine Published a number of papers in the core journal of the provincial level,and 8 technological innovations have won national practical patents。


Innovation -driven results are great

Wang Li is not only an excellent technician,It is also an excellent character with an innovative spirit,He knows,Innovation is the key force to promote the development of the coal industry。Over the years,Good at studying、Summary of experience, he is more willing to innovate and create results,Continue to use its own technology to promote the company's scientific research work to a new level。Reproduced by his designed processing to reprint the slot,Not only m88 casinosolved productive problems,At the same time, it also obtained a national practical patent。"In the past, the belt was connected to the big lane belt,Due to too much coal, it is easy to cause blockage,Not only affects the output, but there are hidden safety hazards during the processing process。Since the installation of the sliding groove to the reprint device,The problem of blocking is solved ",It also avoided the risk of scratching the belt。

2011 work noodles are the island work noodles in the 201 area,To reduce the loss of coal column,He boldly proposed "400 meters long working face"。From the project establishment to the working surface to complete the recovery,He participated in the "Research and Application of the Safety and Intelligent Expressing Technology of Longhua Coal Mine Over -long comprehensive mining work face",The project is identified by the China Coal Industry Association,Research results reached international advanced level,and won the second prize of the China Coal Association Science and Technology。

At the same time,The coal ratio of the coal rate hosted by him has achieved good application effects and economic benefits,Can increase the efficiency of 40 million yuan per year。He also cooperated with Xi'an University of Science and Technology to complete the optimization design of the coal pillar size of the mining section,The coal pillar is reduced from the original 20 meters to 15 meters,Realizing profit of about 10 million yuan,laid a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development。


Live fire to cultivate talents

Expressing over time,Wang Li's experience and skills in the coal industry are constantly accumulated,He began to undertake important tasks to cultivate talents。

To give full play to the advantages of the leading talent,Better of scientific and technological M88 gameresearch and development、Technical research and cost reduction increase work。May 2022,He dominated the establishment of a technical research and development center,Established Longhua Expert Work Station,"Technical Innovation Studio",Taking his comrades as the leader to fully expand technical research and development and skills training of skills。Complete 20 items of scientific research,Get 71 national patents。

With the continuous automation of the mine equipment、Intelligent Update Exchange,His workload increases sharply。His high standard、Strict requirements,To let the manager know how to control,What details are you paying attention to,How to do employees,To what extent,19338_19360,Instead, actively carry out the "mentor and apprentice" activity,Without reservation, I taught my technology and "unique" to colleagues and peers。

During the recovery process of comprehensive mining work surface,I have encountered coal pillar、Empty Lane、Parking Area、Washing band and other special circumstances,Special training for the personnel on -site personnel,Detailed talk about the distribution of pressure distribution under different conditions of working surfaces、Laws of mineral pressure distribution and coal cutting technology。His dare to work for the first work、The spirit of work with courage,Affecting the enthusiasm of a large number of youth engineering technology,Over the years,Cultivate more than 100 skilled talents for enterprises,Created the "Head Goose Leading,Qunyan Qi Flying "technical team atmosphere。

Under his training and guidance,Many young technicians quickly grew into the backbone force of the coal industry,They inherited Wang Li’s ingenuity,Play an important role in their respective positions,Become the backbone of the coal industry。

Stick to the coal sea casting glory

For 18 years,Wang Li always adheres to coal positions,Use hard sweat and excellent wisdom,I wrote my own brilliant chapter。He did not proudly complacent because of his achievements,Nor did it retract and give up because of difficulties encountered。He always maintains his love and loyalty to the coal industry,Use your own actions to interpret what is the real craftsmanship,His deeds also inspire more people to move forward in the coal industry。

Wang Li's efforts and efforts have been widely recognized and praised by colleagues。He has been rated as an M88 gameadvanced worker by the company for many years、Outstanding contributors of safety production,Many times have been repeatedly been by Shenmu Energy Bureau、Shaanxi Coal Group rated as an advanced worker、Technology Innovation Expert,Reliable by the China Coal Industry Association as "National Skills Master of Coal Industry"。Many papers written by him are published in the core journal of science and technology at the provincial level,and independently innovate to complete 8 national practical patents。At the same time,He actively leads the establishment of a science and technology innovation studio,Cultivate more than 100 skilled talents for enterprises,Complete 20 items of scientific research,Get 71 national patents。

In front of honor,Wang Li always maintains a humble attitude。He knows,Honor is affirmation of the past,And there will be more challenges waiting for him in the future。He will continue to use love and persistence,Blooming in the depths of the coal sea blooms more dazzling light。

"I love this fertile soil that loves this piece,It will also be used to practice the original mission,Thanksgiving Longhua with results、Dedication of my hometown。"Wang Li said this。(Guo Junfeng)