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Look at the appearance of youth
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What is the appearance of youth? It is sweat that can be sprinkled,It is the joy after overcoming the difficulties,"Refusing to lie down",Born to the sun。In this gradually hot season,The young people of the ventilation maintenance team of Hanjiawan Coal Company are showing their youthful appearance。

223101 working noodles glue slot,Technician Li Yunhong is carrying two "post -00s" employees for regional standardization creation work。Look at it,The cable is unified and neat,Local ventilation fans fence、Wind door frame、The door fan is bright and translucent。Another side,Members of the production class led by Li Jiapeng are not far behind,223101 auxiliary transportation sluggish lane road cleaning,Concerning Wall's front water blocking beam,All in an orderly manner。


"These guys have m88 casinomore thoughts、Thoughts,Some places that we can never think of,They can also notice it。"Li Jiapeng sighs。

During the creation of standardized work,The team specially launched the "Tuanqing Standardized Model Project",Metropolitan young assault teams for production classes and electrical group members with an average age of 25,Check the leakage and supplement of the regional in charge、Construction Light,Give full play to the powerful force of the youthful army。

"To learn lessons from the case of accident,can effectively prevent accidents ... "The team's learning room,Zhang Yancheng, who has just won the first prize of technical measures for northern Shaanxi Mining Company as a youth representative,Left to safety knowledge for employees。

The team actively shows the role of young demonstration posts,Arrange youth examples to teach experience knowledge for employees。"Shaanxi Provincial Technical Expert" Zhang Meng conducts business skills teaching,Team's new forces Niu Ruize share growth experience,Technician Zhang Yancheng explained the safety knowledge ... young people "played",Further stimulated the vigorous enthusiasm of M88 loginthe district team's youth forces and entrepreneurship。

"Since one year of employment,With the help of the district team,I learned the ability,Growing Observation。I will work hard in the future,Delivery、Dare to take responsibility。"Recently,The "Inheritance Red Spirit,Remove Youth Power "theme group day activity,Communist youth members and young representatives based on actuality,Talking about work experience,Talk about feelings、Talk about knowing,One after another said that you will continue to contribute youth for your youth。

The team attaches great importance to the growth of young people,Relying on the theme group day activity of the group branch,Organize new college students to perform skills improvement competence,Encourage young employees to launch skills、Strong skill。Carrying out a symposium for college students,Listen to the voice of the youth,Help them solve work and life problems。Hold youth correspondent exchange sharing meeting,Make them make a good voice for the grassroots、Tell a good story。

The enthusiastic youth is more dazzling than the sun,The young people of the ventilation M88 loginmaintenance team are struggling and sweat,Destination of the most beautiful background of youth。(Qiang Xinxin)