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"Library Management Scriptures"
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"Little Shao,Pick up large -scale equipment for the past two days,How to remember two horseshoe rings so clear,Why are you so much? "" District team material inventory management has a system,Use any equipment and materials,Must be registered,Take it as if you want to take it like,Let's reduce the cost and efficiency and increase the efficiency.。"Walk into the material warehouse of the installation team of Hanjiawan Coal Company,A scene of "controversy" on the use of materials is being staged。

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Since the beating Shao Jingchun has taken over the material warehouse custody,Think of my "Study Management Scriptures",Whether it m88 casino reviewis a large accessory,Still small parts,In his eyes, it is regarded as "the baby of the real gold and silver"。

Since the company has carried out cost -reducing efficiency and increase efficiency,Shao Jingchun feels heavier responsibility on his shoulders。As a library manager,In addition to assisting materials management every day,How to better save accessories materials,It became the most thoughtful thing every day。

Remember one time,A batch of comprehensive mining equipment accessories to mine,He faces a wide variety of hydraulic gum pipes、Control valve group、Bull buckle screws and other accessories,Carefully check and register on the library account book one by one,Afraid of falling any accessories。But in checking,He found that the number of accessories that had arrived in the goods was insufficient,So quickly report to the district team,Avoid the installation period due to insufficient accessories,Resolved the "small crisis" in the installation process。

Do not forget the cost of reducing costs,He always "bubbles" in the warehouse,m88 casino reviewPacking up and consolidating the reinforcement equipment、Accessories, etc.,Repeat the safety performance of the accessories。In addition,He is also very concerned about the work of repairing the old benefits,Frequently collect some accessories equipment that can not be used normally under wells,Assisting the team to repair the "small team" workers for maintenance and transformation,To better reduce material cost。

"Save a bit、Section a little,Calculating calculations are available。"This is Shao Jingchun’s mantra。He often brushes paint on the equipment、Rust removal、As a mark、Tag labels, etc.,Sometimes observing around the warehouse,Pick up the spring pads left by the workers in time、Small screws, etc.。At the beginning, everyone didn't understand it very much,When they see the codes of the warehouse, the codes are neat、The accessories area is clear at a glance,The registration ledger of the entry and exit library is clear,Gradually admire him。(Yang Heng)