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Zhang Zongyong —— "We are all dream chaser"
Release time: 2024-05-04 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Zhang Zongyong & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1657    Share to:

Spring light ignites the workers' eyes

We are all the dream chaser

The east wind of reform and opening up blows the green land of Shenzhou

Therefore, self -proclaiming is no longer our label

Opening the wasteland, we cut thorns

Take the waves in the wind, we bravely move forward

Xia Yu soaked the workers' clothes

Hot and hot, we are all dreamers

The giant waves developed along the coast swept the Dajiang North and South

Farewell to achieve our courage

Improved and brave, we are the first soldiers

Dangerous is not afraid, we are all bile

Autumn wind wakes the workers' volunteers

Vigorous we are dream chaser

The fruit of Jin Gui Fragrant Fragrance has accumulated a grain to rich

Popularized the new display of our hard work

In full swing, we are shining

Dazzling, we are like the sky

Winter Snow washing the workers' heart field

We are all dreamers in danger

The severe cold of the ice is covered with Wanli Mountain

Can't be surprised to defend our declaration of justice

Fantastic, Our high wind and bright festival

Just right, our Guotai Min'an

(Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company Zhang Zongyong)