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The intelligent construction of Hanjiawan Coal Company Press the "Acceleration Key"
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Since this year,Hanjiawan Coal Company with innovation as power,Supported by technology,Actively promote the intelligent construction of mine,Smart ore、Smart Mining Area as one of the key paths to achieve high -quality development。


The company's normalization of intelligent system M88 gameoperation assessment,Self -checking of intelligent system every month、Self -evaluation,Comprehensively upgraded the intelligent system,will be collected、Dig、Play、Yun、Tongtong and other systems to integrate and interact、Resource sharing,Machine Room、Main transport system and other robot inspections,Realize remote visual control,greatly improves production efficiency and safety level。

Introduction 3 new energy explosion -proof people,Perform 70 railless rubber wheel purification treatment,Introduction of advanced domestic technology、Equipment,Application digital twin technology、Automatic control technology, etc.,Promote digital transformation。In -depth development of intelligent technology,214203 Intelligent comprehensive mining working face won the "Third Prize of the National Coal Mine Coal Mine Working File Intelligent Innovation M88 appCompetition",The company successfully passed the acceptance of the construction of high -level intelligent mines in Shaanxi Coal Industry Ⅰ,and the acceptance acceptance of Class A intelligent mine in Shaanxi Province。

Hanjiawan Coal Company is committed to building a scientific intelligent management mode,Realization of full、Fine、Intelligent management。Relying on the intelligent system,Realized all -round production monitoring、Equipment Management、Safety Monitoring, etc.,Correct the foundation,It provides a solid guarantee for the construction of smart mine。(Li Yongyong, an information technology operation and maintenance branch)