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During the trip to the "new" road
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Waste iron pipe becomes a spray device、Wastewood cylinder transform into dust cover、Damaged locking device reorganization is renewed ... how to repair the old and waste、Turning waste into treasure,Hanjiawan Coal Company continuously explores new methods、New path,Let the waste items "re -newborn"。


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Enter the company's ventilation maintenance team's welding room,The expansion screw is placed on the ground、Abolition of zinc galvanized pipes and corner iron,Several employees are welding to the heaven and earth to weld the sensor -oriented lifting device。

"I was inspired by the flag some time ago,Just want to use the waste iron pipe to make a lifting device,More conveniently and quickly to replace the sensor、Check、Maintenance。"The team's employee Gao Yan'an introduced。

The company focuses on working on the word "creation",A promptial affirmation m88 casinoof the innovative project of Xiaoli Xiaoge、Encouragement,Incorporate results into the area team performance assessment,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all members for innovation。

In the first quarter,The company uses waste iron pipes、Waste Clash Iron、Waste iron barrels and other materials,Innovative projects such as homemade jet devices and other projects applied to actual production,Use innovative thinking to "turn waste into treasure"。

巧 法 plastic surgery, the effect of "changing plastic surgery" is good

The company actively launched the "Taobao" action,Recycling waste steel pipe、Corner Iron、Screw、Naruts and other spare parts and materials,After rust removal、paint、assembly and other links,Use the abandoned accessories for the second time,Give full play to its remaining value,This is a new measure for the company to promote standardization。

"We use abandoned steel bars、Hollow Tube、Fans and other materials,According to the bottom of the bottom plate hardening operation,,Self -made processing of the belt collection and release shelter,Avoid the concrete splashing on the device when unloading the truck。m88 casino review"" Installation team technician Zhao Hailong's innovative project results were well received by the team。

Comprehensive mining team independent processing brand plate frame、The ventilation maintenance team launched a cable fixed device、The rescue squadron self -made tool storage box ... Under the "ingenious method of plastic surgery" of the grassroots district teams,The company's standardization creation work will go to a new level。


Qiao hand reorganization, "reincarnation" benefits high

Not long ago,Employees of ventilation maintenance team Li Yunhong when checking the damaged small wind door atresia,It is found that some of the parts can still be used normally,Lead the employees of the electrician to dismantle and reorganize it,After quality inspection,The device can be used normally。

"Re -replace a set of this device takes about 20,000 yuan,We dismantled a total of 3 devices,Save more than 60,000 yuan! "Li Yunhong said proudly。

The company encourages units to repeat the use of waste accessories,All the things are used。"One quarter,We repair 2 pumps、More than 20 solenoid valves、Lighting comprehensive insurance 2,Give full play to the subjective initiative of the old m88 casinoand the waste。"Li Gang, technician of the comprehensive mining team。(Qiang Xinxin)