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Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine Early Digging Team: Use the "Heart" to open the cost -reducing "Benefit Flower"
Release time: 2024-05-13 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Wang Yao & NBSP & Nbsp Views: 1523    Share to:

To further improve work efficiency,Reduce production cost,Promote the company's high -quality development,This year,Comprehensive excavation team around the core strategy of "cost reduction and efficiency",Carefully planned and implemented a series of innovative measures,Successfully weave a set of efficient cost control and efficiency improvement "Strategy Network",strongly promoted the high -quality development process of the enterprise。


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The team'M88 games deepening cost control,Introduction to an independent accounting mechanism,Each expenses need to pass strict review,Make sure the flow of funds is clear、Reasonable。Through this refined management,Non -productive expenses have been effectively reduced by 6%,The utilization rate of funds has increased significantly。At the same time,Implement the "Sun and Qing Moon Knife" system,Guarantee cost monitoring real -time accuracy,The whereabouts of each penny can be traced back,The transparency of the account increased significantly。

Ahead of ingenuity, safe and efficient side by side

It is planned to be a secret weapon for the comprehensive excavation team to improve operational efficiency and safety guarantee。The team is prepared through a detailed preliminary preparation,Including repeated argument、The operation period reverse and the stage task is clear,Not only identification and avoiding 6 potential safety risks,Also through refined operating procedures and emergency solutions,Optimized the excavation M88 gameprocess,Especially in anchor rods、Anchor cable and other key technical links to control,greatly reduced invalid working hours and material loss,Padded with stable base stone for the safe and efficient mining of coal mines。

Green cycle, the value of the rebirth of the waste material double

In terms of resource cycle utilization,The team shows a high sense of responsibility and creativity。Created a complete set of waste materials recovery system,Waste intercepts generated in the excavation operation、Scraped boards and other supplies are divided into different categories for recycling,and re -invest in use through technical repair,This move not only saves the purchase cost of new materials more than 80,000 yuan,It also significantly improved the resource cycle utilization rate,Contributed to the green mining and sustainable development of the coal mine,Double harvest of economic and environmental benefits。(Wang Yao)