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Hanjiawan Coal Company: Xiang "You" to "Green",Decoding new productive forces
Release time: 2024-05-18 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Yang Nan & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1355    Share to:

Time value May,Full of bloom。Hanjiawan Coal Company has already seen the heat M88 gameof early summer,At the same time,One item efficiency、Intelligent、The effectiveness of the real movement of green is also promoting in full swing。How to develop "new productive forces" according to local conditions? The company takes scientific and technological innovation as the starting point,Surround "Reduction、You、Green "and do it,Inject new kinetic energy into the development of the enterprise。


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Comprehensive surveillance from "Sky Eye" security,Convenient security inspection to the intelligent inspection system; automatic loading from the smart transport and sales system,Unified scheduling to cloud computing technology; "big eyes" of the underground inspection robot "big eyes" without dead angle inspection equipment,Auxiliary transportation system warning linkage、Stalling interception ... in recent years,A large number of advanced equipment appeared in Hanjiawan Coal Company,"Operate a big brain,16192_16207。

"Behind the intelligent construction is a 'economic account',Both quality improvement and efficiency,Anti -security security。"The company's intelligent office deputy director Yao Shengqing is quite deeply emotional。Surrounded by intelligent coal mining、Intelligent excavation、Intelligent ventilation and other 10 intelligent systems,All equipment on the upper and lower wells gradually "renewed",Comprehensive management and control、Data sharing、The intelligent system running normally mature,Personnel organization is more optimized,Safety benefits are "doubled"。

From "human rule" to "digital rule",Technology M88 appempowerment is also the key element。Entering the company's "incubation base" is known as the "incubation base", a labor model innovation studio,A row of scientific research projects、Invention patents and all -member innovation projects are reflected。The work mechanism of "Unveil the List"、All staff innovation project review mechanism、Innovation salary incentive system ... All staff's innovation enthusiasm is constantly excited,More the company to cultivate the development of new quality and productivity to provide a steady stream of confidence and power。


Energy -saving and consumption reduction, "excellent" improvement

In the "double carbon" background,"Over -the -day" thought has become the consensus of all cadres and employees of the company。In order to play the "gold abacus" of energy saving and consumption reduction,"1443" All the cost control system for the whole process of the whole process came into being。

Do a good job of cost control,The secret lies in "province" and "minus"。Use a comprehensive cost management platform,Four expenses centers of dynamic monitoring of the whole process,Ministry Office、District Team、Team、Signing "Project Contracting Responsibility Letter",Budget、Analysis and assessment for evaluation。From fine management to lean management,Hanjiawan Coal Company has realized gorgeous transformation。

Tighten the "money bag" while,Company based on actual work,Dig in the internal dive,​​Win with "Quality"。Optimized production layout,Optimize the coal pillar between 214205 working surface to 15 meters,Single -sided recoverable M88 gamereserves increased by 30,000 tons; strengthened selection standards,Adjust the production parameters in time according to the change of the coal quality,"Boutique" coal transportation is transported; improvement of standardization management,​​Create the "Highlight Project" under 100 meters of well,Realize the creation of "dual advances" in production safety and standardization ...,Speed ​​up here。


With "green" as the bottom, "New" to Rong

"The current mining environment is getting better,Scenery beauty、Little pollution,Wujin Mine has become a green home。"Employee of the Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Team Liu Shi emotional。

Correct the "green content" increase "gold content",This is the "magic weapon for winning" for new quality productive for new quality。Construction of Green Mine、Ecological governance repair、The environmental beautification of the mining area ... Hanjiawan Coal Company uses actual action,Surprising the green "answer sheet" of enterprise development。

Complete the firing ditch to build land reclamation、Thousands of acres of carbon Huilin Phase 1 project and other 14 projects,Realize production、Ecology、Life "Three Lives Together"; Mine -Mine Dry Water Project is put into operation,Complete the installation of the project equipment for the complete use of project equipment,Water pollution control has achieved remarkable results; introducing new energy explosion -proof people,Install the tail gas purification device of the underwriter -free rubber wheels,The quality of air continues to improve;、Governance Running Drop、Optimized m88 casinopower supply system,Clean production method is gradually formed ... a new technology、New measures,Add a touch of "New Green" for the new quality productive blueprint for painting。

Blue Sky and White Cloud,The tree -lined trails are scattered and there are,Mountains all over the wild green,It is the good time of early summer。Ascend to the distance,A vibrant picture roll is quietly expanded here。Born to "New",Moving to "Green",Northern Shaanxi Mining Hanjiawan Coal Company is struggling to run on the track of cultivating new productivity,Accelerate the butterfly changes in the trend of the tide ... (Yang Nan)