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Hanjiawan Coal Company: Go all out to sprint "Xia" halftime
Release time: 2024-05-22 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Yang Boyu & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1199    Share to:

May Mine is beautiful,The enthusiasm of hard work is exciting。Hanjiawan Coal Company, keep an eye on key target tasks,Sales for safety、Dig internal Qian、Quality effect,Blowing the sprint in the first half of the year "over half、Set the assembly number for more than half "。

VR training.jpg

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"I experienced a simulation of the top film for the accident,Too thrilling! I will always be vigilant at all times in the future,Never illegally operate。"Cao Xiaopeng, an employee of the simulation simulation accident case, said。

Hanjiawan Coal Company Innovative Application of immersive VR teaching and other means,Make cadres and employees fully grasp the knowledge of job risk recognition.。I issued a job to understand the card to the whole member、"Safety Knowledge Manual", etc.,Content covers the latest criterion criteria for major accident hazards of major coal mines、Safety Management Regulations, etc.,and actively carry out the test of the whole staff、Safety Knowledge Competition, etc.,Test and consolidate the effect of security learning。

Strengthening operation site safety M88 gamemanagement,Persist in organizing at least one full -covered safety production inspection,Differential rectification in strict accordance with the "Five Implementation" principles for finding problems。Actively play the role of four members and two long -term on -site safety supervision,Pay attention to the operating regulations、Safety technical measures、The implementation of the "Five Tips for Safety",Effective prevention、Solution、Management and control of various risks,Build a safe defense line。

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Treatment of cost reduction and efficiency "Accelerating Run"

Recycling anchor rod、Screws, etc.,The old switch is the old switch、Material code putting racks and other plastic reuse ... In the eyes of the employees of Hanjiawan Coal Company,All waste materials are babies,The material of "laid -off" can be used,You can also "get in the job" again。

Take the workplace as a competition venue,Each district team is higher than whose renovation skills,The value of the use of the device that is responsible,Circle、Screw、Nail,These seemingly worthless small things,Through the force of each "Taobao group",All came in handy。

In addition,Hanjiawan Coal Company insists on selecting and commending an innovative achievement every quarter,Employees M88 gameparticipate in small innovation、The enthusiasm of small innovation is getting higher and higher。Since this year,Get a total of more than 130 items of "golden ideas" and "small innovation",and all applied to actual work,Effectively solved production、Technical and operational difficulties,Created benefits,"Money Bag" is more fulfilling。

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Labor Competition "Drum Drum"

Tape transportation diagonal lanes replace the uninstalled drum、Replacement 223101 comprehensive mining work surface mechanical and electrical equipment oil、The coal washing plant replaces the heavy shallow slot chain ...。Company strengthens equipment full life cycle management,Strictly implement the daily inspection、Shi Xunqi、Monthly inspection and other maintenance systems,Make sure the equipment runs efficiently,Help labor competition efficiently。

"This time you want to change the transport aircraft at the same time、Reprinted machine、The oil of the crusher,Removal、Clean、Come on、Maintenance to test,Time tight task weight。"Chen Yapeng, deputy captain of the company's comprehensive mining team。An important core of coal mining,These devices are important for mine safety production。

Demonstration post of party members、Engineering quality competition、Ladder reward incentives ... M88 gameThe district teams combine their own actual,Actively carry out various forms、Competition with rich content,The company sings up and down to safety、Comparison of progress、Endetering the main theme of results。(Yang Boyu)