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Hui Xiaojian- "Mother"
Release time: 2024-05-14 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Hui Xiaojian & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1867    Share to:

Because of work,I often meet my mother when I meet in a hurry、Going away,I haven't said a few words,More my mother asked me to warm my warmth。It's just in the memory of the gap,I think of myself as a child,My mother’s child。


My mother is an ordinary ordinary rural woman,She was born in the 1940s,That is a soldier barren、Age of eating without belly。When I was a kid, I often listened to her about the hardships of that era,Her teenage time is mostly sprinkled on the yellow land of war fire,Hiding in Tibet in the east has ushered in M88 appthe light of the founding of New China。

Mother was fortunate to have been in private school for two years when she was a child,She liked to learn from a young age,Like writing painting,But due to family reasons。But due to family reasons,Forced to drop out of school。She knows that reading changes fate、Knowledge for armed your own importance,Therefore, we often urge us to read,How much she invested in learning, she is willing to be willing。Until I grow up an adult,Step into society,Only understand the profound truth。

Cold when I was a kid,I don’t want to take medicine,Afraid of suffering; I don’t want to get an injection,Afraid of pain,Only a bowl of eggs of my mother can solve my illness。At that time, the family was poor,Less when you can eat white noodles,If you can get an excuse to eat a bowl of soup,Let me be beautiful in my mouth、Le in the heart。How can I drink soup to cure it? But my mother just doesn't pierce my careful thinking。Her love for me,Affected my "qi",This feeling is extremely nostalgic。

Former,Parents' love for children is to eat and wear warmth and not get sick; but now,Parents have more expectations for their children's love,That is to let the child lose on the starting line。Fortunately, I was born in the 1980s,Luck a lot of competition pressure,Thank you for the good environment for my mother to create for me,Let me play unscrupulously,Heart peaceful childhood。

Mother is selfless,Dedication Youth,Resentment。She loves you very much,But always express silently,Her eyes will stay on you for a long time,No matter where you go,No matter how down and misery you are,She will pay you all,Help。

Thinking Display,Back to reality,My mother is sitting in front of me。Open the hair dryer,Wind sound,I put my hand between my mother's hair,Touch it carefully,Get up、Flying Spin,Silver hair roots flickering,Hidden mother's strong love。(Hanjiawan Coal Company Huixiaojian)